Seven Benefits of Using Wooden Shipping Crates

wooden cargo cases in warehouse

Never underestimate the power of wood. If you’re in the shipping business, you have a lot of options when it comes to finding the right container for your products. But unlike plastic and cardboard, wooden shipping crates are extremely durable and cost-effective. They’re relatively easy to make, and they provide lasting support that won’t give out under pressure. Discover the benefits of using wooden crates and why shipping companies still prefer them today.

Strong and Sturdy

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more durable container than a wooden crate. Wood is known for its sturdiness; it is able to stand up under pressure and last the test of time. It’s no wonder wood is used to build homes and structures of all kinds. You can harness this same power when you use wooden crates for shipping. You will rest assured that your goods are kept safe during transportation in wooden containers. They’re also strong enough that you can easily stack them on top of each other without damaging the contents of the crate.

Inexpensive and Effective

You don’t have to spend a fortune on shipping materials when you use a wooden crate. Wood is ubiquitous and requires little processing. These crates are simply nailed together, creating a secure enclosure for your products. You can order large wooden crates for less money compared to other types of shipping containers. If you need to ship something securely, wooden crates will most likely be the cheapest option.

wooden box for wine bottle

Security for More Peace of Mind

Prying open a wooden crate requires a crowbar and some decent upper body strength. If you’re shipping a valuable item in one of these boxes, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your package is secure. Even if an unauthorized person tries tampering with the crate, they’ll have a tough time opening it without causing a scene. Compare this to a cardboard box that pretty much anyone can open in a matter of seconds. All they would need is a sharp object to cut through the cardboard, and the contents of the box would be free for the taking. This makes wooden crates perfect for transporting high-priced goods like paintings, antiques and other irreplaceable items.

All-Natural and Non-Toxic

It doesn’t take a lot of expertise to put together a wooden crate. But there’s beauty in this simplicity. Wooden crates are free of the toxic chemicals you might find in plastic totes and other processed shipping containers. Wood is all-natural, of course, so you can use and reuse these containers without worrying about contaminating your products or exposing your staff to toxic particles. This takes the stress out of the shipping process. Your customers will also be delighted to see that you’ve chosen an all-natural shipping container that won’t harm the environment.

wooden boxes with industrial equipment

Reusable for Less Waste

Unlike cardboard boxes and other relatively flimsy packing materials, wooden crates can be used more than once — so long as you don’t split or bend the wood when opening the crate. You can easily reseal the container by nailing the top back onto the crate. Reusable shipping containers help you save money and reduce your company’s impact on the environment.

Recyclable in More Ways Than One

If you’re ready to take your wooden crate out of commission, you can recycle the wood in multiple ways. Try chipping the wood and turning it into wood chips, mulch or bedding material. You can also combust the wood and turn it into fuel. In fact, just over 40 percent of all wooden crates and pallets generated in 2015 were either recycled or combusted for fuel.

Customizable for All Your Packing Needs

Stackable wooden crates come in all shapes and sizes. And if that’s not enough, you can always design your own. You can fasten wood in almost any direction, helping you keep unusually-shaped items secure without resorting to massive square or rectangular containers. If an object is elongated or sticks out in one direction, you can always create a custom crate with the same specifications.


A shipping crate is more than just a shipping container. It’s an all-natural product that can be recycled into landscaping materials or fuel. Large or small, these durable boxes are well-equipped to handle just about any type of product you’re looking to ship. Give yourself some much-needed peace of mind and use wooden crates to impress your clients and keep your products safe.