Reasons Why Stackable Pallets Are a Warehouse Essential

Staying stocked up on inventory means being able to provide your customers with the products they need, but you also need a place to store your products until they hit the shelves. That’s where the warehouse comes in. Your warehouse must be able to handle the amount of products you have to store, however, and that means you’ll need to think about what kinds of pallets you use. You’ll have to find a safe way to store your inventory so that it doesn’t become damaged, which can be done with the help of the right types of pallets and a commitment to organization and safety.

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Stackable pallets make it easy to organize and protect your inventory while making the most of your physical space. Growth is a good thing for your company, but it means you’ll need to ship more and more products to keep up with the demand. Stackable pallets promote a neat and organized workspace, and they can contribute to a safer environment as well as improve accessibility to your goods. Read on and learn more about why your warehouse should have stackable pallets.

  • Make the Most of Vertical Space—Think about your business’s needs when you choose a storage space, but also think about how you can make the most of the space you have. Cluttered aisles lead to injury and damaged goods, so it’s important to keep walkways open. With stackable pallets, you can focus on your vertical space and keep the floor area clear. Warehouses have tall ceilings, so there’s plenty of room to work with when you stack up your pallets. Since storage space is so valuable, stackable pallets are well worth looking into.
  • Keep Your Inventory Organized—Before you can ship out an order to your customer, you need to find the right products in the warehouse. Stackable pallets make organizing your inventory simple. Similar products are typically found on the same pallet, or at least in the same area of the warehouse. Rather than having your pallets sprawled across the floor, you can stack them up so you know where everything is when you need it.

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  • Create a Safer Workplace—Accidents can be costly for your business, and while you can’t eliminate them entirely, there are steps you can take to make your workspace safer. Using stackable pallets is one of these steps. If you don’t stack your pallets, your aisles might be too narrow to safely traverse through. This means employees are more likely to trip or drive a jack over pallets that are in the way, which can be dangerous. Stackable pallets clear out your floor space so you don’t have to worry about these types of incidents.
  • Access Your Pallets—Part of running a successful business is getting your products to your customers on time. In order to do this, you need to be able to find what you’re looking for without too much trouble. Stackable pallets are easy to rearrange, and you should have no trouble locating the items that need to be shipped out or put onto the sales floor. You can even get an idea of what you have in stock just by walking around the warehouse and visually surveying your stack racks.
  • Protect Your Products—Nobody likes to wait in anticipation for a package that turns out to be damaged. If this happens to one of your customers, the reputation of your company could be at stake. Protect your products with the help of stackable pallets. As long as everything is packaged properly, your inventory should stay right where it is until you need it. It’s also more difficult for pests like rats and mice to get to packages that are stored higher up off the ground, so there’s less of a risk of contamination and destruction of inventory when you stack your pallets.

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Every warehouse needs certain tools and materials in order to be successful, and the state of your inventory has everything to do with your ability to deliver quality products to your customers. If you’re not already using stackable pallets, make the change so you can maximize your space, protect your inventory and prevent accidents in your warehouse.