9 Reasons To Use Collapsible Wire Baskets in Your Warehouse

9 reasons to use collapsible wire baskets in your warehouse

Space is everything when it comes to managing a warehouse or distribution center. You need to make the most of every square inch if you’re going to succeed in this highly competitive industry. If you don’t, you could spend a fortune in rent or lose track of your inventory. To succeed, you need to keep track of every item that comes in and out of your facility. Your team should be able to load and unload packages in a timely manner without putting your inventory at risk.

Managing your warehouse space all starts with choosing the right kind of container. Collapsible wire baskets have a clear advantage when it comes to stacking, shipping, and storage. You can increase efficiency, reduce your labor costs, and make better use of your warehouse space. Learn more about the benefits of these sleek, ultra-convenient containers and how they can help you take your facility to the next level.

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Ship Heavy Items Across Long Distances

High shipping costs can easily get the better of your business. If you need to ship heavy items across long distances, you need to do everything you can to manage these costs from the outset. Shipping costs are generally calculated by the weight and dimensions of your cargo, so it’s important to reduce the weight of the shipment as much as possible before sending out your packages. However, you can’t send your goods off in a lightweight plastic bag. You need to strike the right balance between durability and affordability.

Wire bulk containers tend to be much lighter than some plastic and metal alternatives. For one, they are made with wires instead of solid walls, so they don’t use as much material. Even though they are considered relatively light, they are strong enough to protect your goods on the road. When shipping with metal wire baskets, you don’t have to worry about your goods breaking out of the container or spilling onto the floor. Metal wire containers offer lasting peace of mind without needlessly inflating your shipping costs.

Secure Storage

Wire baskets will protect your goods regardless of where you store them. They are perfect for organizing or storing a range of materials and goods, including those made with metal, plastic, wood, paint, resins, rubber and other industrial materials.

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Again, these containers are known for their durability, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your inventory as you go about your business. They are much sturdier than cardboard boxes and other types of storage containers. If an item or piece of equipment were to fall on top of one of your containers, the wire basket would be relatively unharmed. These metal wires have the wherewithal to stand up to everyday wear and tear. You can push and slide your inventory around without putting individual items in harm’s way.

We all know how expensive new or used storage containers can be. You may be hesitant to spend money on wire baskets when you can simply use a disposable cardboard box instead. But you can’t afford to leave things to chance when it comes to securing your inventory. Add an extra layer of protection to make sure your inventory arrives at its destination intact.

Space Efficiency

The cost of leasing a warehouse space continues to rise year after year. Currently, warehousing costs can be calculated using three baseline figures: how much space you rent, rental rate and operating expenses. As you can see, the more space you own or lease, the higher your operating expenses.

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If you’re looking to cut down on warehouse space to save money or you’re looking to make the most of your existing facility, wire baskets will help you do more with less. As long as you find and use the right size container, wire baskets are designed to conserve as much space as possible.

As the name implies, these containers are completely collapsible. That means you can fold them up and push them aside when they are not in use. Collapsing these containers only takes a few seconds. Depending on the make and model, you should be able to pull a latch that causes the container to turn flat. This folding mechanism makes it easy to stack them on the floor or up against the wall. When a new shipment comes into your facility, you can deploy a new set of containers in just a minute or two. Your crew members won’t have to worry about building up or breaking down another set of disposable boxes.

Collapsible wire baskets are completely stackable, helping you make the most of your limited storage space. Designed with durable metal or steel, these containers won’t collapse under the weight. You can stack several containers on top of each other without batting an eye. Many baskets and containers come with built-in slats for hauling inventory with a lift truck. Just keep the slats facing out and your employees can quickly grab the container they need.

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Different Sizes

Wire baskets may not benefit your warehouse facility unless you choose the right size. Like all types of containers, there are a range of sizes and styles to choose from. It’s best to find containers that are around the same size as your goods. Ideally, your goods should have very little room to move around inside the container to reduce the chances of sliding during transit. If you choose the wrong size, your goods may unexpectedly shift position during transit, throwing off the weight of your shipment.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with the wrong size container when you choose bulk wire baskets. Use large baskets with built-in slots to quickly transport bulk shipments. When it comes to sorting incoming items and moving inventory through your facility, wheeled, bin-like baskets offer easy product handling.

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Flexible Mesh Siding

Not all wire baskets move and behave in the same way. You’ll need to differentiate between rigid and flexible mesh wire baskets before making your final decision. Rigid baskets are great for protecting merchandise for long periods of time, but they may not be the best choice when it comes to product handling and everyday workflows. As you can imagine, the wires on these containers are rigid, which means they won’t move. This gives your inventory an extra layer of protection, but these containers may be difficult to handle on the job.

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Flexible mesh containers move and behave like the wires you’d see on a fence. You can grab and handle them with ease as you go about your day. They will bend and curve with the shape of your inventory for a more natural fit. When loading up the delivery vehicle, these containers will bend and contour around each other without damaging the contents inside. You can make the most of the space inside the vehicle instead of trying to jam rigid containers on top of each other.

Lighter Duty Than Rigid Wire Baskets

Flexible wire baskets are also much lighter than those made with rigid wires. They will still protect your goods, but you won’t have to pay extra in shipping. It’s best to choose lighter-duty containers when it comes to product sorting and handling. These goods are making their way from the loading dock to the shelf and back again, so they won’t need as much protection as they would if they were going out for delivery.

Your workers will appreciate the added flexibility as they go about their normal routines. They can pick up these lightweight baskets and safely transport your inventory without getting bogged down by rigid, cumbersome containers.

Keep Inventory Visible

Every minute counts when it comes to product sorting and order picking. If your facility is disorganized, your employees can lose tons of time looking for certain products on the shelf. Today, the average warehouse stores around 13,985 individual SKUs. With so many individual items to monitor, you need to separate and label your inventory as much as possible. Your workers can quickly make sense of your inventory when fulfilling orders and restocking your inventory, but only if your SKUs are organized.

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With rigid wire basket storage, your products stay visible, so your team members don’t have to look inside the container or read the SKU number to find what they need. They should be able to spot individual items as they approach the container. They can then grab what they need without squinting at the fine print, which speeds up the picking process dramatically and helps you deliver your packages on time.

Efficient Sorting

Sorting thousands of individual SKUs can easily take the better part of the day. However, wire baskets can help you speed up the sorting and restocking process.

Again, your crew will be able to see what’s inside your containers from several feet away and slot individual items as they go. Use a wheeled wire basket to further speed up the sorting process. Your workers can push these containers around the facility with minimal effort and save their energy for more important tasks during the day. This limits the number of times your employees must bend down and pick up packages by hand, thus improving the overall ergonomics of your workplace.


Nothing will eat away at your storage and shipping costs like disposable containers. Cardboard boxes and other single-use containers can only do so much to protect your goods inside the facility or on the road. You’ll also have to set aside money month after month to reorder more supplies. Once you use these boxes, you have to break them down and recycle them, which only adds to your to-do list.

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Wire baskets are completely reusable, so you don’t have to keep wasting money on shipping and storage supplies. They are made with durable materials to help you make the most of your investment. You don’t have to worry about these containers falling apart after just a few trips.

Maintain your containers over time to minimize your shipping and storage costs. Try to keep your baskets inside as much as possible and clean them off after each trip. With wire mesh, you don’t have to worry about your containers filling up with dirt and other kinds of debris. Dust and other particles will fall right through the mesh, so you can clean off your baskets in a matter of seconds. Just rinse them off and put them right back in the supply chain to keep your facility moving at optimal speed.

Wire baskets are among the best supplies for warehouse organization. They will help you keep your operating expenses low by reducing your shipping and storage costs and improving employee efficiency. You shouldn’t have to put your inventory at risk just to save money on shipping. Cardboard boxes and other disposable shipping materials may cost less in the short term, but they may end up costing your business more as you continue replenishing these materials.

Your employees shouldn’t have to waste their time picking up containers by hand, building up and breaking down boxes or sorting dissimilar items. Help them make the most of their time on the floor with collapsible, reusable storage containers. Focus on sustainability and invest in wire baskets today.