Re-thinking What It Means to Buy Used

The term “used” has such a negative connotation attached to it, and it just doesn’t make sense. Sure, there are certain things that just don’t sound all that appealing if you add “used” to it (underwear, food – that’s just icky). But there are so many things that you could be buying used that will give you the same quality, aesthetic, durability – whatever – as any new counterpart.  

Plus, unless we’re talking a valuable antique or collectable, used pretty much always means cheaper, and who among us doesn’t like having to spend less money?  

Of course, to get you to leave behind all of the negative things you’ve surrounded “used” with, you’re probably going to have to see some examples. In that case, you’ve come to the perfect place, as here we’ll go over some of the best things you can buy used and feel super proud about.

College Is Expensive Enough:

Have you seen the cost of tuition these days, even at average universities? Yes, college costs enough as it is, without uselessly spending more, and one thing that you definitely don’t need to buy new is a textbook. A textbook that was just used last semester has nothing less to offer than a brand new textbook that just showed up at the campus bookstore or online.  

As long as the professor is still using the same edition, you can even buy a used textbook that’s a couple of years old. Then again, it would be smart to talk to your professor and see how drastic the changes are in editions, as you might still be able to buy an older edition even if a new one is being used in class. Buy used items while in college and you’ll see the savings add up.

They’ll Outgrow It Anyways:

Constantly buying brand new clothes for your kids is a habit you can certainly cut back on. Save costs and buy used items for younger kids! Young children, especially infants and toddlers, will grow out of their clothes so quickly that you can easily end up spending a small fortune buying them new clothes every few months. It makes more sense to use hand-me-downs or clothes purchased at a thrift store/consignment shop.  

A lot of retailers for children’s clothes will sell quality used clothing – something that’s a double bonus for you, because unless you have another child you’re planning on passing them down to, you can go ahead and get rid of the old clothes by donating them rather than tossing them in the trash. For older kids, buying used is still an option. After all, vintage used clothes are highly fashionable these days.

It’s Just for Storage, After All:

For both businesses and households, purchasing used storage solutions is a no-brainer. You can find quality retailers, like Container Exchanger, that buy and sell used containers, bins, wire baskets, etc. which are perfect for commercial and even residential applications. If you’re needing products for a warehouse or stockroom, or you need some better storage in a garage or workshop, then purchase some used stackable bins or containers.  

A lot of these things typically still look close to new anyways, but, for even better deals, consider buying ones that might look a little scratched or scuffed. You can purchase spray paint that’s made especially for painting plastic surfaces, and then paint them whatever color you want, even creating designs or logos using stencils. Buy used items, and before you know it, you’ll have something that looks brand new for a fraction of the cost.

Vintage Can Be Chic:

Buying secondhand furniture doesn’t have to be as shabby as it sounds. A lot of things look absolutely amazing with just a little TLC – so much so, that plenty of people make a living out of buying secondhand furniture and sprucing it up, reselling it for way more than they have invested in it.  

Don’t walk past a sofa or chair that has a hideous fabric. Stop and ignore the fabric for a moment, paying attention instead to the furniture’s overall design. If the lines are pleasing and it offers the seating you’re looking for, then haggle a price down and just have it reupholstered.  

See a wooden table, bureau, or desk that’s seen better days? Buy and refinish it: You’ll be thrilled at how great it looks after a little sanding and a new coat of stain. Of course, painting furniture can go a long way toward throwing life back into an old piece without having to spend a lot of money.  

In the end, that’s got to be your overall outlook on everything: Think of what something can be, rather than what it currently is.