Product Spotlight: Collapsible Wire Containers


Choosing the right container for your specific application can be daunting, but it’s not so bad if you have something that’s extremely versatile. Collapsible wire containers, otherwise known as collapsible wire baskets, are great for many unique applications–from storing bulk goods to shipping jobs. But your containers should also work for you, and these do that extremely well! By saving space and improving workflow, wire containers help you save money and increase your facility’s production rates.

What Are Collapsible Wire Baskets?

Before we dive into exactly how these durable containers can meet your specific needs, let’s talk about the basics. Collapsible wire containers are designed for a wide range of warehouse storage applications, but their most important feature is that they’re made of a mesh wire, which makes them see-through. This also means that they’re not the best for loose or flowable bulk materials like sand, dirt or small parts.

Usually, wire baskets are employed when you need either permanent or temporary storage of raw materials, component parts, finished goods and other items. However, some wire baskets feature smaller mesh, which makes them appropriate for small, loose items. They can also be used for shipping products in trailers. The durable wire construction makes them ideal for the most demanding industrial applications, so you can expect them to stay in the game for years to come.


Why They’re Great

Understanding the different features of these warehouse containers will help you determine whether or not they’re the right fit your facility or specific need. There are several key components that set collapsible wire baskets apart from other kinds of containers. First and foremost, they’re designed for ease of use and space optimization.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the other benefits of collapsible wire containers.

  • Visibility—Product visibility is important in applications where you need to know exactly how much of something is left or how much more you need to fill. Because wire baskets are effectively see-through, you can tell exactly what’s inside with a quick glance. This can help keep your processes flowing with fewer delays and hiccups.
  • Portability—Another desirable feature of the collapsible wire basket is that it’s extremely portable. Not only can some styles be customized with heavy-duty casters for easy rolling around your facility, all wire baskets can be moved with ease using your forklift. Many feature special fork pockets or notched legs that allow for secure, easy handling via forklift or pallet truck. Most styles are designed to be easily moved by a forklift even when they’re fully loaded.
  • Stackability—In a warehouse or fulfillment center, nothing’s more precious than space. Stackable containers help you take advantage of overhead space so that you’re maximizing what you can store, which equals more profit over time. Most collapsible wire baskets are stackable up to 10 units when closed and four units when filled, but different manufacturers have different recommendations for stacking. Some also feature unique drop gates that provide you with easy access to what’s inside when the containers are stacked.


  • Space-Savers—Did we mention that they’re collapsible? Each one folds down to a manageable size so that you can easily store it or move it when not in use. The fact that these containers fold down makes them especially useful for housing temporary products, overflow and other non-permanent goods. When you’re done with them, you can simply collapse them down to a compact size and put them away until they’re needed again.
  • Durability—When it comes to durability, industrial wire baskets are some of the best. They’re usually made from an industrial-grade wire that’s treated with a powder coat or galvanized finish for extra durability. You will often see styles that are “robotically welded,” meaning they’re precisely welded for extra durability.

Buying Options: To Buy New or Used Wire Containers

Like most kinds of warehouse containers, you can save some big bucks if you opt to buy your collapsible wire baskets used. You can often find like-new options that suit your specific needs, but you won’t be able to customize your baskets if you need specific options. Still, we recommend perusing our selection of used warehouse containers before ordering new to see if there are options available to suit your needs. Don’t forget to consider that the new tax code may offer you some additional savings when you buy used.