Portable Racks Replace the Traditional Pallet

Portable racks are a reusable product made from metal and are an excellent replacement from the wood pallet. The portable rack is stackable allowing the manufacturing and distribution business to maximize storage. Stack Racks are comprised of a metal pallet base and four uprights that can be removed in some cases to give the business even more storage space. The stack rack uprights can be laid down horizontally once they are removed making them more easily stored. When the uprights are not removable the Stack Rack can easily be staggered to save on space.
Container Exchanger buys and sell used stack racks in order to save their customers money and to provide them with adjustable, portable racking options. Instead of paying the high cost of buying new portable racks customers have access to used portable racks with no expensive installation or dismantling costs. The company’s used portable stack racks come in many different dimensions and sizes and by purchasing used racks the customer is supporting the goal of Container Exchanger to reduce waste.
The portable rack is not the only packaging solution provided by Container Exchanger. Customers can purchase metal containers, plastic collapsible bulk boxes, plastic tots, and plastic pallets. Through container exchanger the manufacturing and distribution business reduces packaging acquisition costs and through the purchase of used portable racks will reduce their carbon footprint on the environment. Container Exchanger has earned the loyalty of their customers and thrives due to their repeat business.
Choosing Container Exchanger for your next pallet rack system will save money and allow the manufacturing and distribution business to forgo the use of the traditional wood pallet in favor of a new or used Portable Racks. Customers wanting to sell their used racks will be pleased with Container Exchangers internet presence and the friendly, outgoing customer service that assist them in selling their used returnable packaging.