Used Plastic Pallets for Export

Container Exchanger specializes in used plastic export pallets . We are experienced in selling and distributing plastic pallets throughout the nation. We are a supplier selling these plastic pallets to large and small companies throughout North America. Our used pallets can take many different forms. We generally handle several common pallet sizes and styles. Each pallet may be made from different materials and have different structural properties.

Plastic Export Pallets

Some Pallets are specifically made for the export market. However, we have found that we can sell used plastic pallets for export purposes and save our customers money. These pallets are made from plastic, and therefore, they meet international shipping guidelines (while wood pallets must be heat treated before they are shipped internationally). Plastic pallets are often more durable than wood pallets, because they are generally all molded in one piece, while wood pallets require nails to hold all the pieces together.
Size requirements – While size requirements don’t really exist for product export, you may find that certain sizes do work well in intermodal (sea) containers. The most common size for export pallets measures 43″ x 43″ or 1100 mm x 1100 mm. This size of pallet can fit easily side-by-side on a sea container and they are large enough to put plenty of product on them.

Stacking Pallets

Stacking pallets are any pallet with runners. The runners (the strip of material that goes along the bottom of the pallet) go all the way across the bottom of the pallet. These runners serve a couple of purposes. The first purpose is for safety reasons. With the runners in place, a loaded forklift can go over rough terrain and not lose the load due to vibration because the runners prevent the plastic pallet from bouncing off the fork tines. The send reason is for stacking purposes. The runners provide a long strip of plastic material, and when the pallet is loaded, the weight from the load can be distributed over the length of the runner. When you place this pallet on top of another loaded skid, the presence of the runner distributes weight to decrease chances of damage to the lower pallet. An added bonus of stacking pallets is that when the pallets are empty and stacked, the forklift holes are readily accessible, which makes them easy to access by your forklift.
Here is a photo of a Plastic Stacking Pallet
Stackable Pallet with Runners

Nesting Pallets

Nesting pallets do not have runners. Instead, these used plastic pallets rest on pedestal feet. These plastic pallets are often made from thermoformed plastic, and as such, have slightly lower carrying capacity. The deep tray of a nesting pallet combined with it’s lightweight properties make this pallet a good choice for light weight applications. Many nesting pallets are also used with plastic top-caps for the same skid of product. The topcap prevents any material damage and when another pallet is stacked on top, and it help secure the load when the pedestal feet cross-link together. These plastic pallets are used more frequently in circular supply operations between manufacturing plants.
Here is a photo of a Nesting Pallet:
Nestable Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallet Sizes

You can follow the links below if one of these sizes works for your operation:

How to buy Used Plastic Pallets?

You can buy used plastic pallets through Container Exchanger. Navigate your website browser to our page of Plastic Pallets for sale, locate the ones you wish to purchase, and fill out the form on that page. Container Exchanger will then contact you to answer any questions, provide shipping quotes, and complete the sale.