Plastic Pallets: A Crucial Staple to Your Warehouse

bright plastic containers in piles

Pallets are a staple in any warehouse, helping you move large shipments around with ease. But you’ll have to choose between plastic pallets and wood pallets. If you’ve been using wood pallets, you might be surprised to learn that plastic pallets outperform wood pallets when it comes to cost-efficiency and package handling. They tend to be lighter, cleaner, more durable and easier to use than wood pallets. Learn why plastic pallets are a crucial investment for your warehouse.

Lightweight Build

Plastic pallets are much lighter than the wood variety. While you might think that the weight of your pallets doesn’t really matter if you’re using a forklift, think again. Using lighter pallets improves energy efficiency throughout your warehouse because your equipment won’t have to work as hard when lifting your shipments and packages into the air.

Bypass Regulations

When you use wood pallets to ship your products around, you’ll have to pay attention to the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15), which requires that you treat all wood pallets with a thickness greater than 6 mm to make sure they are free of termites and other pests. If your pallets fail to pass this test, the authorities will detain your pallets. You may have to treat your wood pallets regularly with heat to ensure that they pass these standards, which will drive up your shipping costs. But plastic pallets are exempt from such regulations, which makes the international shipping process much easier and cheaper.


Wood pallets aren’t as durable as plastic pallets. Wood pallets can cause your warehouse all kinds of problems if they are mishandled or they absorb too much moisture, which affects their ability to support weight. Termites and other insects can eat away at the integrity of your wood pallets. While you might think you can easily replace your wood pallets if they become unusable, there’s always a chance that you could put one of your shipments at risk if you’re using a faulty wood pallet. With plastic pallets, you don’t have to worry about a shipment crumbling underneath a defective pallet.

colorful plastic pallets

Branding Your Warehouse

Plastic lends itself well to the art of branding. You can mark each plastic pallet with your company logo with ease and the image won’t fade over time. You can customize the entire color of the pallet, modify the size and shape or add some contact information to attract new customers. When a shipment arrives from your warehouse, your customers will always know whom they’re dealing with. This increases your company’s overall brand awareness, building lasting relationships between you and your clients.

Branding wood pallets can be tricky. While you can always spray-paint the side of your wood pallet, your customization options will be limited. You can’t change the color of wood pallets and the final image won’t look as polished as a branded plastic pallet.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning wood isn’t exactly a straightforward task. Spraying your wood pallets with water can make the wood soggy and chip away at its structural integrity. But if you neglect to clean your pallets, they can carry all kinds of harmful bacteria and pathogens. But cleaning plastic pallets is a cinch. You can soak them with a power washer without damaging the pallet in any way. Since they are easy to clean, you can always invest in used pallets if you’re trying to stick to a budget. When it comes to fast cleaning and keeping your warehouse free of bacteria, plastic pallets are the clear choice.

green plastic pallets stacked

Consistent Dimensions

In case you haven’t noticed, wood pallets can change dimensions over time. Wood contracts and expands depending on the temperature and the environment. Plastic pallets, on the other hand, maintain consistent dimensions regardless of their environment, including width, length and depth. This makes it easy to simplify the loading and unloading process, instead of having to deal with unexpected handling changes. You might discover that you don’t have enough room on the shelf for all your pallets because the wood is expanding.

Efficient Use of Space

You can find plastic pallets that collapse and stack on top of one another, helping you make the most efficient use of your warehouse space. Stacking wood pallets won’t help you save on space, taking up some much-needed room in your warehouse.


When it comes to choosing pallets for your warehouse, plastic pallets have the clear advantage. They last longer, look more attractive and help you make better use of your warehouse. You don’t have to deal with unexpected changes in dimensions or worry about your pallets not making it through inspection. Improve the functionality of your facility with plastic pallets.