Used Plastic Nesting Shipping Totes Are the Perfect Solution for Shipping Product

For companies or businesses that need to safely ship products or materials, shipping totes are a popular method of transport. These totes, which are constructed of high-quality polyurethane or HDPE plastic, are incredibly rugged, waterproof, resilient to chemicals, and will not corrode, weaken, or decompose over time. Additionally, shipping totes are much more inexpensive than their metal or wood-based shipping alternatives, making them the popular pick for businesses around the world.
From a design standpoint, plastic shipping totes rarely contain internal dunnage. This is because most shipping containers are nested, which allows them to be stacked on top of each other to save space in cramped shipping containers. Nested containers are characterized by their smooth exterior and raised sidewalls, which allows the totes to fit inside each other as you stack them.S-n Tote-2
Besides polyurethane or HDPE, shipping containers are sometimes made out of wire mesh or fiberglass, two rigid, durable materials that are slightly heavier than the aforementioned plastic types.
Pallet ContainerThe most popular types of shipping totes are from manufacturers like Akro, Buckhorn, Orbis, and Schaefer. Unlike cardboard boxes – that have a tendency to break or weaken during transit – shipping containers are long-lasting. As a consequence, buying shipping totes new or used are both excellent options. For businesses on a budget, purchasing totes secondhand over the Internet is a great way to ensure that your products or materials are transported safely without breaking the bank.
Although shipping totes are generally used for shipping materials, they are also useful as storage containers, too. The raised lip on a shipping tote makes it easy to carry, while its flat bottom allows the tote to be stored either on the ground or on a shelving unit. Like other types of plastic containers, shipping totes are capable of holding tools, materials, partially assembled parts, and paperwork.