Advantages of Purchasing Used Stack Racks as Storage Solutions

Stack Racks are one of the most commonly used and flexible stacking and shelving solution available in the storage industry. They are widely utilized in warehouses, factories, shipping companies, cold storage and tire storage; etc.
These racks are made of metal in a pallet style with upright poles extending from it at internals. As these racks are sturdy and durable, they can be reused time and time again. Thus, buying a used stack rack is an advantageous deal for you, especially if you need long term storage solution for your production unit.
Some other pros of purchasing a used stack rack are:

Additional Racks

When the base of the stack rack is fixed with the upright poles, additional racks and shelves can be added to them, allowing for more storage space for smaller items.

Easy Transportation

When cranes lift pallets from the ground, they have to lift each one individually so that they do not drop the stack. However, both new and used stack racks have a number of shelves, all of them being firmly connected to the base pallet. Thus, it allows for easy lifting and transfer of the shelves from one place to another.

Convenient Storage

To store the used stack racks in a small space; you can disassemble it to get a pallet base, the upright poles and the shelves. Each of these items can them conveniently be stored separately until needed for future use.
If a stack rack does not have removable poles, then it is often built in a manner to nest within other used stack racks of the same size and design. Thus, rather than storing each one individually, you can stack and nest them together in a formation, saving storage space.
Whether you want to ease the vertical storage of carpet rolls and pipes, or are just looking for a stackable and firm solution for storing your goods; a used stack rack or even a new one, can fulfill this purpose in an effective manner.