How Nesting Totes Can Be Used for Worm Farming

Few things are more enjoyable during the long, hazy days of summer than catching fish at the local watering hole. And anyone who knows fishing knows that the only way to catch the big fish is to use live fishing worms. For those who go fishing often, finding a reliable source of large fishing worms can be tough. And when you do find them, the cost of using live bait and quickly add up. However, you can address both issues at once by setting up a worm farm in your backyard using inexpensive nesting totes.
S-n Tote-2When it comes to raising worms, there are few things more important than the containers you use to raise your worms in. The containers need to be large enough to hold enough soil to contain several hundred adult worms and provide enough room to encourage them to reproduce. The containers should be opaque because the worms prefer the dark. And, they should have lids in order to maintain proper humidity levels and temperature.
Nesting totes provide the perfect solution for your worm farming needs. These totes are opaque, lightweight and come in a variety of sizes to accommodate any size worm farm. Because they nest inside one another, they offer the perfect solution for keeping your worms happy at the right temperature and humidity level. Because the totes are stackable, they can help you save on valuable floor space in your garage or other storage building.
So, if you are in the market to make your summer fishing summer season easier and less costly, consider setting up your own worm farm with nesting totes from Container Exchanger. They offer new and used nesting totes for sale in order to help you keep your costs under control.