Use Metal Bins for Waste Oil Collection

Restaurants have long had a problem discarding waste oils properly, but modern technology has created a market for this recyclable product. The problem now is how to collect the oil in a manner that will not contaminate the recyclable substance. The answer to that circumstance is using metal bins for storage as a clean method of protecting the discarded oil. The next decision will be whether to purchase or rent the metal bins.
Steel BinPurchasing custom metal bins is easily the best and most economical business decision for recycling used “yellow” restaurant cooking grease, along the burnt “brown grease” in some situations. Both types of grease are recoverable, and storing them in appropriate metal bins is the perfect method of keeping the green product intact. There are some companies that will provide and service the grease, but the restaurant is forfeiting a valuable extra income resource that increases profit margins and reduces expenses. Actually owning the metal bins can make a big difference over the course of time.
No matter what the restaurant need in terms of metal bin size, custom bins can be built when an appropriate standard bin cannot be purchased. Depending on the storage method, bins can be modified with drop doors and lift truck fork slots. In addition, they can be built in a manner that allows the bins to collapse for easier return transfer. Cages can be utilized when necessary and metal tubs can also be built for the right situation.
The benefits of recycling waste oils are on the increase. Not only can using metal bins for grease storage reduce operational expenses, the process is also a green energy benefit to the environment. Recycling used oils helps fight air pollution and minimizes waste of a product that was discarded for decades in the restaurant industry. If you have waste oil to recovery, investing in metal bins for proper oil storage is a good business decision for any food service provider.
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