Maintaining Your Metal Bins: Six Tips to Keep Your Metal Containers as Good as New

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Metal bins are perfect for storing so many different kinds of products and materials. They’re durable, reusable and cost-efficient, helping your company save money over the long term. But if your business uses these storage containers regularly, you need to preserve them or they could deteriorate over time. If you want to keep using the same containers over and over again, it’s best to inspect them regularly so that you can repair any issues before they wear away at the integrity of your containers. If you use metal bins, keep them as good as new with these maintenance tips:

1. Keep Them Away from Water and Moisture

Nothing ruins metal like moisture. You need to keep your metal bins away from water and moisture or they will rust over time, putting your products at risk. Try not to store your containers outdoors, but if you do, it’s best to cover them. Keep an eye out for spills and leaks that could damage your bins. It’s also best to avoid storing liquid items in these containers because there’s always a chance they could spring a leak.

2. Watch Out for Dents and Bends

With all that loading in and out, the metal doors and walls of your bins can easily bend or become dented over time. But these imperfections are more than just aesthetic blemishes — they can compromise the integrity of your containers. If one of your bins is bent or dented in any way, water can easily collect on the roof or sides of the container, which will lead to rust and oxidation. It’s best to inspect these containers regularly so that you can keep an eye out for any irregularities. Repair these bends and dents before storing the container.

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3. Store Them Properly

How you choose to store these bins can make all the difference in the world, especially if you’re storing these containers for months or years on end. Storing them in the wrong location or packing too much weight on top can damage the contents and the bin itself. Make sure you find a dry storage location for your containers with a consistent temperature. Use metal pallets in case you need to use a forklift to move these bins around. You never want to pinch the sides of the container when moving it from one location to another.

4. Distribute the Weight Evenly

Because dents and bends can be a serious problem for your storage bins, it’s best to distribute the weight evenly so that one side of the container isn’t responsible for an unequal share of the load. If you store too many items on one side of the container, it could cause the metal floor to bend.

If you’re stacking your metal bins on top of another, the heavier side will damage the containers underneath. Look for ways to store your products and equipment so that every inch of the container is responsible for the same amount of weight.

5. Lubricate Doors and Hinges

Regardless of where you store your metal bins, the doors and hinges tend to take a beating over time, especially if you need to open and close the door repeatedly throughout the day. Water, dust and other kinds of debris can jam the doors or cause them to rust. To prevent this from happening, make sure you lubricate the door hinges regularly. If you hear any strange sounds like a squeaking or grinding noise, that’s a sign that the hinges on your doors need some attention.

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6. Use Caution When Stacking

Stacking too much weight on top of your metal storage bins can quickly inhibit their structural integrity. Again, try to distribute the weight evenly when stacking bins on top of each other. Make sure the bins are stacked evenly so that one part of the bin isn’t hanging off the side. It’s best to find metal bins with corrugated sides so there’s no chance of the bins sliding on top of one another. It’s also important to not stack the bins too high, or they could become a safety hazard for you and your crew. You should also label the bin with its contents and total weight. Use caution when lifting the bin or setting it back down. If you go to fast, you could damage the bin underneath.

Wrapping Up

Metal storage bins keep your goods and products safe and sound — but only if you maintain your bins properly. Keep these maintenance tips in mind as you continue using the same bins. If you spot any deficiencies, repair the damage immediately or it could turn into a costly headache down the line.