Looking for “Used Gaylord Boxes Near Me”? | Discover All the Features and Benefits of Gaylord Boxes

Looking for “Used Gaylord Boxes Near Me”? | Discover All the Features and Benefits of Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord boxes have always been a popular option in the shipping industry due to their ability to hold a lot of items safely. However, these boxes have evolved; now, people use them as a general packaging solution. Are you looking for “used Gaylord boxes near me“? You came to the right place!

Before you start browsing all our boxes to find the best option for you, let’s review the benefits of these products to see how they can help you. As a leading supplier of Gaylord boxes, our job is also to educate our customers on what they’re buying and what they can use it for.

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What’s a Gaylord Box?


Gaylord boxes are containers made from corrugated cardboard and are usually bigger than traditional packing solutions. They’re used by many industries to store and ship bulk materials, as the thick wall boxes do a great job of protecting what’s inside. 

These boxes, depending on how you get them, may feature rectangular or octagonal shapes and can have up to three (or more) layers of corrugated cardboard. If you’re buying used Gaylord boxes, make sure you evaluate which variant suits your needs the best. You may need different used boxes for storage and shipping.

Let’s talk about the walls. New and used Gaylords don’t have particular sizes or specifications. You can get a single-wall cardboard and store any loose parts or extra materials you may have around, for example. On the other hand, you could get five-wall boxes if you want to ship important materials safely.

Most bulk containers often have double- or triple-wall corrugated boards and are almost the size of a regular pallet. Depending on the product you get, your Gaylord boxes could hold from 1,000 to 5,000 pounds. Many new and used Gaylord boxes also feature vent holes for storing or shipping certain items.

Why Is It Called a Gaylord Box?

The story of Gaylord boxes is fascinating; the name came from a company named the “Gaylord Container Corporation.” This company worked during the 20th century’s first half and was based in St. Louis, MO.

What made the company special was that it filed patents for many designs, including Gaylord boxes. Among the different options the company offered to the public, Gaylord boxes were the ones that caused the biggest impression and are the only products that still have the name of the company.

Even though most people know Gaylord boxes by that name, they’re also known as:

  • Bulk Boxes
  • Octagon boxes
  • Rectangular boxes
  • Pallet Containers
  • Bulk Bins
  • Tote Boxes
  • Skid Boxes

What Are the Benefits of Gaylord Boxes?

There are many reasons why people are buying used Gaylord boxes, but the main one is that they’re convenient for most uses. Let’s look at everything you get with your purchase!

  • The cardboard version is environmentally friendly since the material is biodegradable.
  • Even though the most popular boxes out there are made from cardboard, you can also find other types made from plastic and fiberboard.
  • Used Gaylord boxes are resistant to splitting, and the more layers of walls they have, the more strength they offer.
  • Even though Gaylord boxes were primarily marketed for single-use scenarios, many manufacturers have redefined them, allowing people to use them more times. If you’re looking for cost savings, used Gaylord boxes may be the best alternative to other options.
  • The market for used Gaylord boxes is huge, meaning you’ll find many options at competitive prices.

What You Should Know If You Buy Our Gaylord Boxes for Sale

Gaylord boxes

You need to find the exact type of box to work with if you want to enjoy all of its benefits, and since there are many sizes and variants out there, doing that may be hard at first.

First, you need to determine what you’ll use the box for. If it’s for shipping, you’ll need to find Gaylord boxes with more layers on the walls for more strength. On the other hand, if you’re getting used Gaylords for storage, you’ll have a wider range of options to choose from.

Remember that Gaylord boxes can come in:

  • Rectangular/Octagonal shapes
  • Complete/partial bottoms
  • Different thickness layers

If you’re having trouble finding the right box for your needs, speak to an expert. They’ll be able to look over your case and tell you what solution is better.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there are safe handling practices for used Gaylords. Even though these boxes are safe for the most part, they still have a few hazards you must take care of:

  • If you’re lifting the box yourself, you should limit yourself to 50-pound units, as recommended by OSHA. Bulk units should be handled by more people, and you should consider mechanical assistance if necessary.
  • Consider getting a bin dumper to empty your loads. These will provide you and your workers with all the safeguards necessary to keep your workspace free from any risks.

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