Store your Liquids, Powders and Food Items in IBC Totes

The storage and transportation of liquid, powder and food materials can be a difficult proposition for anyone in a manufacturing or warehouse environment. A solution for this problem can be found in the use of IBC Totes. 275 and 330 gallon tanks are the standard sizes for IBC totes in the industry.
Typically IBC totes are used for bulk chemicals including hazardous materials, powder, components, food items and liquid products such as oil, soap, sugar, glue, etc. 330 gallon tanks can come in stainless steel, steel, or as a plastic IBC tote. Typically the design of these IBC tote containers is cubic, which allows them to contain more of the liquid material than similarly sized cylindrical tanks.
S002503 (172x200)The typical IBC tote comes with three components, the IBC plastic bottle, the metal cage, and the container pallet which can be made from a variety of materials – primarily wood, metal or plastic.
Additional advantages of the IBC tote concept are the ability to use liners inside the tanks which allows the flexibility to fill and discharge the liners for a variety of chemical products. Liners can be found for both the 275 gallon tank and 330 gallon tank.
Another advantage of the IBC tote is the relatively low cost to ship these bulk packages from one country to another in accordance with the regulations of the receiving country. Most IBC totes also come with pallet bases which can allow for easy access any movement via forklift.
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