Kiss Your Clutter Goodbye – Fantastic Storage Solutions for Every Home

Big or small, our homes seem to be constantly on the verge of spilling over with stuff.  This isn’t necessarily a problem with materialism, but rather one with a lack of adequate storage.  Small home are notorious for lacking in closet space and other usable storage zones, but even large homes can feature definite areas where stuff just seems to spill over, somehow consistently multiplying in the night – or so it seems.  Clutter isn’t something anyone should have to deal with, so get ready to see the last of your disorganized days and say hello to the storage solutions of your dreams.  No matter what space you need to tackle, here you’ll find a bevy of storage solutions for your home to turn around even the most cluttered, aggravating spaces.

Love at First Sight:

When you first walk into your home, the first thing you should feel is love for the space you’ve just entered.  A home is a sanctuary of sorts, so the last thing that you, your family, or guests should encounter is a nightmarish catastrophe as soon as you walk in.  Of all of the clutter issues in a home, the front entry is probably at the top of the list.  Finding a space for coats, shoes, book-bags, and all kinds of miscellaneous items like keys, phones, and the like, can be fairly overwhelming.  To surmount this feeling, let’s check out a few things that can be implemented in practically every home.

BookcasesThese may seem like odd storage solutions for your home, but it really works. You can purchase or even make a bookcase, painting it a light color to help it recede and the entry space feel more spacious.  Rather than put in all of the shelves, consider leaving a larger opening at the top where you can screw in hangers for coats and book-bags, while leaving the bottom open for shoes and stacked storage, such as plastic containers.  You could get a couple of plastic organizer bins or even wire baskets, and then spray paint them a fun color.  Even consider painting on a stencil to the plastic containers to give them a more personal, customized look while creating a clutter free home.

Small ClosetsRethink a small closet for a more efficient use of space.  Take off the door and give the inside of the closet a fresh coat of paint.  Install shelving, hooks, and even sliding drawers, along with storage containers.  Rather than have to look at shoes, fit them into containers that can slide out or have small doors placed on the bottom portion of the closet to keep shoes neatly tucked away.

A Chef-Worthy Pantry:

Pantries can become a complete mess in any home, where finding just what you’re looking for can turn into a nerve-wracking scavenger hunt.  Some pantries feature cabinets, but open shelving may be a more practical solution.  You may think here that this just means all of the clutter will be more visible, but having open shelving creates a little psychological effect: Since you have to look at it, you’ll tend to feel more inclined to keep it organized.  

Plus, this eliminates the hassle of looking through cabinets for things, since you can see precisely what’s sitting where. For a clutter free home, use clear plastic containers, or glass that’s clear or colorful, to store dried goods, and then use plastic bins or wire baskets to keep other essentials in.  Baskets may look cute in magazines, but they’re harder to clean, whereas plastic bins feature smooth surfaces that are easy to wipe down, and wire baskets could just be dipped in the sink.  Plus, with plastic containers and wire baskets, you can easily attach labels that help you remain organized.

Garages and Workshops:

Having a clutter free home doesn’t mean just piling items in the garage! Keeping tools and gardening utensils, as well as all of the odds and ends for home and auto organized is a true must in any home.  You never want to find yourself in a situation where you need to tackle a project, and you end up spending most of your time looking for the things you’ll need to do it.  

Stacking totes and insulated plastic containers are great options for garage and workshop spaces, especially if these zones aren’t climate controlled.  Stacking totes are great options simply for the fact that you can create vertical storage zones that help to free up valuable floor space, leaving you with more usable square footage.  For these areas, consider looking for some industrial quality containers, especially those that are used and in good condition, as you’ll save a good deal of money this way.