The Benefits of Using a Stack Rack

A stack rack is a storage container that features a pallet and four vertical side posts. These posts are positioned on the corners of the pallet. Stack racks, which are sometimes referred to as stackable containers, stackers, or stackable pallets, are made of plastic, wood, or metal. The rack’s pallet and posts are usually coated with a resilient powder-based paint that looks keeps its luster over the course of many years.
Stack racks are unique because the sides of each rack can be completely removed, collapsed, or folded. Depending on your needs, the ability to remove a stack rack’s upright posts can be useful if you are transporting the containers to different areas of your factory.
Customizable Stack Racks
If you are unable to find stack racks that meet your needs, these storage containers are also available in custom sizes. Stack racks can also be designed to have either rigid or collapsible posts. Collapsible posts are important if you plan on stacking the pallets on top of each other.
Benefits of Stack Racks
One of the biggest benefits of stack racks is that these containers are extremely Stack Rack Uprightslightweight and portable. For this reason, stack racks are often pushed together so that irregularly-shaped objects can be organized and displayed. For example, stack racks are commonly used in lumberyards, where long pieces of plywood are stored. Other items stacked on these high density racks include PVC tubing and plumbing pipes.
Additionally, factory supervisors can stack these racks up to 10 units high, allowing them to maximize space in cramped storage areas. Stackable racks are designed to utilize vertical air space instead of horizontal floor space.
Most importantly, though, stack racks help streamline the manufacturing process. The containers are also an effective way to ship products and materials to customers.