Is Reusable Packaging the Right Choice for Your Company?

Unless you and your staff create and sell all of your goods on-site, then you’re probably more familiar with the concept of the cardboard box than you really want to be. Every shipment generates a brand new crop of them. They then need to be broken down and either recycled or redistributed. If you ship goods in any capacity, then you’ve probably filled more than your share of cardboard boxes with outgoing merchandise as well.
It’s not hard to see why you might be thinking about making the jump to reusable, sustainable containment options sooner rather than later. However, as is the case with any business decision, it can be tough to know whether or not a given effort will really be worth it, especially if you run a small local business. Here are a few things to consider in order to determine whether or not it’s really time to make the switch.
“I really need to save on overhead costs.”
Every business of any size is naturally going to be concerned with building a healthy bottom line, but when you run a small business, it’s more than just a passing concern. Your ability to make cost-savvy choices with your budget could eventually make or break your ability to stay in business over the long term. Reusable shipping and storage containers are a great way to do this.
For a relatively small initial investment, you can say good-bye to recurring containment costs, since you can reuse the containers again and again. (This is even more the case when you buy your containers secondhand.) If you change your mind or want to switch to a different option, you can simply sell your used items back to a company like Container Exchanger that specializes in refurbishing secondhand containers.
“I’m concerned about my business’s impact on the environment.”
If you’re like many modern people, then your overall carbon footprint is probably something you care quite a bit about. You already reduce, reuse, and recycle at home. When you put that same philosophy to work in running your business, you can make an even bigger difference.
Making the switch to reusable containers will allow you to drastically cut back on the amount of packaging waste your company generates. Recycling your cardboard containers is great, of course … but not using them at all is even better. Sustainable options like stackable totes can help you cut fuel costs by allowing you to take better advantage of the vertical space in each of your shipping vehicles.
“I wish there was a better way to protect the integrity of my products.”
No business owner likes getting a call from a client or customer that’s just become the not-so-lucky recipient of a damaged shipment. The customer is understandably disappointed and possibly even angry. You as the business owner aren’t too keen on having to spend additional money to replace and reship the items, either.
Reusable shipping options like crates, totes, and bins can help you put a stop to incidents like this. They’re more than just containers. They’re sturdy, reliable options that are built to stand up to the abuse and rough handling that can come with the territory when you ship. Such containers make better options for simple storage and organization for the same reasons. Plus, the sheer variety of the products out there today allow you to make the best possible choices as to how you ship and store.
“I feel like I’m not getting the most out of my staff.”
When you’re the owner of a small business, it only stands to reason that you have a lot of employees that wear multiple hats. The people you count on to run your selling floor may also do double duty as stock people certain days of the week. Your receptionist may well also be your in-town delivery person or night clean-up person.
You don’t want your employees spending valuable work hours on menial tasks like breaking down or disposing of cardboard boxes if it can possibly be helped. Go sustainable and let your workforce focus on the more important tasks – like tending to your customers or keeping day-to-day operations running.
All things considered, reusable containers are largely considered to be the way of the future. They save businesses time, energy, and manpower. They help those same businesses better provide the quality products and services their communities need. They make your life as a business owner considerably more convenient as well. Make the switch today and find out first hand!