Top 4 Industries That Use Gaylord Boxes

When it comes to finding one of the most cost effective and useful containers for businesses in just about any industry, most companies will tell you that they can’t live without gaylord boxes. Gaylord boxes are constructed of high grade cardboard and provide protection and containment for a number of different businesses. For example:

  • Food processing companies often use gaylord boxes to store and transport various food products to customers. The most common use is to transport produce from suppliers to various distribution points such as grocery stores and produce stores.
  • Manufacturing companies often use gaylord boxes to store their finished products in their warehouses as well as to ship them to distributors around the world. This is especially true for clothing manufacturing companies as gaylord boxes provide a lightweight, cost effective way to package and ship large volumes of clothing.
  • Charitable organizations often use gaylord boxes to accept donations from a wide variety of sources. They can use these large, cost effective containers for both storage and shipping.
  • Plastics and scrap metal companies use gaylord boxes for collecting and storing both products and raw materials as well as for shipping them to their ultimate destination.

And the list goes on and on. Gaylord boxes offer a cost effective way to store and transport a large numbGaylordser of goods from one place to another, which has an impact on every industry across the globe. Container Exchanger makes these invaluable containers even more cost effective by providing buyers the opportunity to purchase used gaylord boxes at a discounted price from companies looking to offload extra containers and wish to create a new revenue stream. Container Exchanger works with a variety of companies all across North America, from Canada to Mexico and everywhere in between, providing a win-win solution for everyone.
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