Industrial Totes for Distribution

When it comes to transporting materials, finished products or other items back and forth between facilities, between work stations or between your company and your distributors, there is no better or more versatile container to address this need than industrial totes.
Industrial totes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them the perfect container solution for distributing items in a number of scenarios. These versatile containers can store smaller parts or larger, completed items until they are ready to be transported to the next stage of the manufacturing process, whether this be as a work in progress or out for distribution to customers.
Because industrial totes are stackable and can be nested together, it makes them perfect for stocking the shelves of your retail customers’ stores as well as provide a space saving storage solution for your warehouses or your distributors’ warehouses as well as the trucks hauling them to their next location. This allows you to get more product to market faster and less expensively than with other distribution containers.
If you are in the market to purchase some industrial totes for your manufacturing business or other need, Container Exchanger offers a variety of industrial totes that can be used in a variety of applications. They offer smaller sized totes that can be packed and moved by hand as well as larger industrial totes that can handle storing and transporting much larger fare. What’s more is that Container Exchanger can help companies procure these flexible and versatile totes for much less that other suppliers because they offer used containers for sale. This makes industrial totes not only the best storage and distribution containers on the market today, but also one of the most cost effective.