Used IBC Totes for Lower Shipping and Storage Costs

Professional business executives are always seeking ways to save on storage and distribution expenses to remain competitive. The idea of recycling IBC totes has come of age as business managers embrace this proven way of managing costs associated with the storage and transport of products. IBC totes and tanks are containers designed for the purpose of storing and transporting liquids and fluids safely and in compliance with established regulatory guidelines.
Used IBC totes can be purchased to transport and store volatile and fragile products. Food, flammables, drugs and corrosives require special attention for storing and shipping. A wide range of IBC tote choices are available, including food grade containers designed to meet strict guidelines for food transport, reconditioned totes and new totes. Used IBC totes offer an excellent way to save money since they can be bought and sold as needed through companies like Container Exchanger.
Prudent business managers seeking ways to lower costs embrace Container Exchanger as a valuable resource where they can buy and sell used IBC totes. This type of partnership allows managers to enjoy the benefits of recycling without having to spend a lot of time trying to locate the totes they need. The reasonable prices and convenience offered encourages a growing number of business managers to get involved with recycling.
Partnering with a company like Container Exchanger is an excellent way to cut distribution costs and also take a step to participate in recycling efforts. Business managers can support the “green movement” by buying reconditioned totes instead of always purchasing new ones. As is the case with all recycling, the end result is a positive one for both the environment and consumer. Reducing landfill waste and controlling distribution costs are two objectives satisfied by reusing IBC totes.
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