Working With Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are one of the most popular tools available for moving merchandise in bulk. Designed to work together with lifting machines, pallets are effectively a mobile floor capable of carrying and lifting quite a lot of merchandise. They’re also one of the most affordable tools for any warehouse, with an average price of well under ten dollars per pallet.


Wood pallets are very lightweight themselves, and different pallets have been designed to hold different amounts of weight. For most businesses, the amount of weight on the pallet isn’t going to be an issue; some wooden pallets can hold as much as 4000 pounds of weight without any trouble, though most versions are somewhat less. Any business needing to move more weight than that should consider an alternative storage method.


As long as reasonable precautions are followed, wooden pallets are extremely safe for both operators and merchandise. Larger boxes will be able to stay on top of the pallet with no difficulties, but smaller, lighter items could become an issue as they’re moved. This is a problem easily solved, since a simple rope (or the equivalent) will be enough to keep everything tied down and prevent accidents.


Wood pallets can be made with a variety of features that are designed to maximize their ease of use. Some pallets come with runners, and pallets can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes in order to suit each company’s needs. Before you order them, you should measure the spaces you already have and figure out what the most efficient setup would be; one large pallet can be impressive to look at, but two smaller ones might be more efficient for the amount of space you have. Be sure to select the wood pallets that actually fit your needs if you want to get the most out of them.