New Collapsible Wire Baskets are a Great Solution for Saving Money

Collapsible wire baskets offer companies a great way to save money in shipping costs, in storage costs and reduces lost revenue due to damaged product.
When it comes to storage, new collapsible wire baskets are one of the most versatile shipping and storage solutions available. These bins provide maximum product protection while offering companies a unique opportunity to save money on shipping and storage. The reason behind this is the lighter weight and collapsibility of the container itself. When companies ship product, cost is often calculated based on the weight of the shipment. The heavier the shipment, the more it costs. And when shipments are weighed, the weight of the container is figured into the cost. With these lighter weight wire containers, the weight of the shipment is less and therefore more economical. Additionally, when not in use, the collapsibility of the containers means less storage space (and cost) is required when not in use.
What is even better is that these versatile containers can be used to store fragile products in a warehouse environment or can be used to transport product from one location within a particular facility by adding casters to the bottom of the container all while protecting the precious cargo inside. Because the baskets provide exceptional protection for your products, more of your units will hit the sales floor rather than the warehouse floor, increasing your profits. Many styles of these metal containers are stackable, which makes long storage easy and convenient. Most metal storage bins are made to order so they come in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Some may have wire mesh sides while others are solid steel. Some are collapsible while others are fixed. The gauge of steel used in the construction can vary significantly from bin to bin and the size of the container itself can be anywhere from a few feet square to any size imaginable and the load capacity is just as flexible. Whether you need super-sized containers for large loads or smaller, easier to manager containers, there is a collapsible wire basket to fit your needs.
The main drawback to using this flexible metal storage and shipping solution is cost. However, there are opportunities for you to purchase both custom built new wire baskets and previously used collapsible wire baskets, depending on your needs. If you are looking to purchase baskets in bulk, don’t have a particular specification in mind and are looking for a good deal, finding a company that specialized in selling reusable packaging and containers like Container Exchanger, is a great option. However, if you have special criteria that need to be met, then custom ordering these versatile containers to your specifications is the best option for you.
Regardless of whether you have shipping or storage needs or just have fragile products that need reinforced protection, collapsible wire baskets can provide just the solution you are looking for. These sturdy metal bins can provide the superior protection your valuable products need either at home in your warehouse or on the go. Get more product to market and save money in storage costs, shipping costs by using collapsible wire baskets in your manufacturing and transportation systems.
New Wire Baskets
Standard sizes are 40x48x36, 40x48x42, both galvanized wire baskets with and without drop gates.  We have also have rigid wire baskets for heavy-duty applications.

  • 40x48x36
  • 40x48x42
  • 36x30x15
  • Galvanized