Industrial Drums – How Important Are They?

Container drums have been in use since ancient times when clay drums and oak barrels Drumswere used to store a host of items. Storage and drums go together perfectly. It’s for this reason that these drums have grown in popularity and necessity. Today, business, warehouses and industrial facilities all rely on drums as containers for a wide variety of products like liquids, solids, powders and granules. This clearly shows the how important businesses and commercial enterprises consider drums.
A Drum Container for Every Need
Drums are available in wood, metal, plastic, cardboard and fiberboard. They can be purchased new or used. The 55-gallon drum is the most common. This size is favored for shipping large volumes of drums over long distances over land, rail or sea. It’s the most commonly purchased size. There are other sizes like 12-gallon, 30-gallon, 52 and 77 gallon drums.
Businesses choose used drums over new for storage containers for warehousing and end-product storage of processing materials. Drums are sold with seals and lids that prevent spillage. Another popular use for used plastic drums is recycling. In many local municipalities, used plastic drums are distributed for the collection of glass, metal and plastic recyclable items. For businesses, these drums are a cost-effective way to maintain storage space.
Warehouses Need Drums for Storage
“Land ports” have grown in nearly every state. Land ports are huge warehousing complexes that need drums for storage. Warehouses operate more efficiently when space is fluid and available. Used storage drums help maintain adequate warehouse storage space. In production facilities, used drums are the best way to expedite shipping via truck or rail to ports of export or import. 55-gallon drums stack neatly onto pallets for convenient transport to truck or rail car.