Five Unconventional Ways to Use a Commercial Laundry Cart for Your Business

laundry worker cleaning basket

You may never look at a commercial laundry cart the same way again. These sturdy, wheeled carts are perfect for so many tasks and chores. From moving products and materials around your facility to cleaning up the space after a long day, you can put laundry carts to work in more ways than one.

Unlike large boxes, these carts are easy to move around. But instead of a giant bin that may be four feet deep, laundry carts have a shallow base that makes it easier to reach for certain items. Your staff members won’t have to lunge over the side just to reach for something at the bottom of the bin. They’re relatively inexpensive compared to other transportation items, and you can reuse these carts over and over again, and they won’t fall apart.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, learn about all the ways you can put these carts to good use.

Transporting Materials

Laundry carts are perfect for transporting all kinds of different materials. If you run a manufacturing business, you can have your employees quickly move around supplies and materials with a cart. They have a shallow base that makes it easy to sort and find the materials you need. From clothing to industrial supplies, your employees can lay out individual items so people won’t have to root around for needed supplies. They’re a great choice for short, frequent trips from one side of your facility to another.

Sorting Products

Keeping individual products organized is so much easier when you use a commercial laundry cart as opposed to a massive bin. Small boxes and products can easily get lost when you dump everything into a giant blue plastic bin. Even if one of your employees can quickly wheel something around, it may take them several minutes to find the right package in a cavernous bin. But you can simplify things if you use a laundry cart with a base that’s further off the ground. While you can only hold about dozen products at a time, your staff members can easily find what they need. This method of sorting and distributing is perfect for large commerce retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Costco.

clean and dirty linens in carts

Distributing Mail

You don’t have to work in a major manufacturing warehouse to use laundry carts. You can also use them in a traditional office space. These items are perfect for distributing mail and other supplies throughout the space. They’re not as large as plastic bins, so they won’t look out of place roaming the rows of cubicles around your office. Your employees can quickly search through piles of mail and distribute them to the members on your team. They come with plenty of space for small to mid-sized packages and other office materials such as desk supplies, boxes, documents and even food for your staff members. If you need to quickly hand out something to your team members, a laundry cart can help you do just that.

Cleaning Up Your Facility

Chances are your workspace can get messy after a long day. From scrap paper to spare parts and trash, the floor may be littered with discarded items that need to be thrown away. Instead of hauling around a smelly trash bin, your team members can use an industrial laundry cart to quickly clean up after a long day. They can even gather some of these unused supplies and repurpose them later. You can save money on supplies by recycling the bits and pieces that didn’t make it into the final product. These carts give you plenty of space to hold, sort and store all kinds of items.

dirty linen at hospital

Transporting Luggage

Laundry carts also make excellent luggage carriers. From hotels to airlines, you can keep everyone’s luggage tidy and organized. These carts make it easy to move luggage from location to location without anything getting lost in the shuffle. Everything will be displayed in full view, so your employees can easily read the names on the luggage and hand off the right bag to the right guest.

Laundry Collection

Of course, you can also use these carts for their original purpose: collecting dirty laundry. Use them to pick up dirty towels at the gym or to gather a bunch of soiled sheets. These carts will help you clean up in no time.

Never underestimate the power of a commercial laundry cart. Save money on your equipment and invest in a cart today!