Five Major Benefits of Wooden Crates for Sale

Five Major Benefits of Wooden Crates for Sale

Whether your items are valuable, fragile, or durable, when it comes to shipping, there’s the question of which containment unit you should use.

You want to ensure you’re using a material that has the durability you need since you want the peace of mind of knowing that what’s inside isn’t susceptible to any unnecessary damage.

At the same time, you don’t want to have to pay a metaphorical arm and a leg just for your shipping containment unit, right?

So, what choice do you have if you want a quality containment unit? Well, wood crates are a great idea! Whether new or used wooden crates, they can be the perfect choice, and here are five reasons why!

What Benefits Do Wooden Shipping Crates Offer?

Wooden Shipping Crates

1. Reliable Packaging That’s Great for the Environment

If you’re thinking about the health of the environment with every move you make, then you’ll want to give wooden crates for sale a chance. Remember that wood comes from a natural source. Data will show you that once you’re done with shipping, the crates can be reused or recycled.

After all, the fact that used shipping crates are being sold tells you about the reuse potential. At some point, if the crates become too damaged, then wood chippers and other similar technologies may be used to turn them into compost, mulch, or some other usable form.

Going that route means that there’s less to go into landfills, which is always a win.

2. Greater Affordability Than Alternatives You Can Purchase

Considering there’s a natural supplier of wood, which is replenishable, it makes wood one of the most easily sourced materials you can use to store your items before shipping. Sourcing the materials is one thing since they need to be converted into the right form with the right width and structure before you ship anything.

Again, wood is one of the best options out there considering that making it into shipping crates is far less expensive than the more involved processes used for other materials such as metal. With the manufacturing process being on the cheaper end of the spectrum, shipping services can be more cost-effective for the industries that need them.

3. A Wooden Shipping Crate Is Strong, Secure, and Safe

Wood offers an incredible level of sturdiness as a storage medium, especially if you’re looking at hardwood variations. It also holds up pretty well against the heavy loads sometimes need to be transported. Handling weights of about 4 metric tons is no joke.

That’s the kind of strength that makes it possible to transport huge machinery. Of course, this strength translates to the perfect way to protect the internal contents from damage, which is necessary since the process of shipping can come with a lot of movement and shocks.

When compared to cardboard boxes or plastic, for example, there’s no competition to speak of. Contents can remain intact throughout the journey.

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4. They Are Stackable

One of the best ways to optimize space when shipping is to stack different shipments atop each other. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible depending on the storage medium selected. However, wood crates offer this space-saving advantage.

The biggest concern when stacking is brought into the mix is the extent to which items on top will damage those underneath based on the pressure that may come from the weight of the former.

Thankfully, even with multiple crates stacked, wood can withstand weight very well. It also helps that loading and unloading wooden shipping crates is a very easy process.

Not only are shippers able to save time, but they can save some money as well!

5. You Can Access a Variety!

Wooden crates have a series of properties that offer a great variety. As indicated before, there are hardwood variations that can be used for crate designs. Similarly, there can be length and width variations, and even custom designs used for particular shipments.

Sure, you can have custom-made crates from other materials such as metal, for example, but if the standard process for making a metal crate is much less cost-effective than the process for making a wooden one, the customized processes would be even more so.

Wood allows you to meet your needs more closely, and you’ll find great variety in the marketplace, from measurement figures, to wood type, and more!

Wrapping Up

Used Wooden Crates

Wooden shipping crates make an excellent option for containing items that need to be transported, regardless of how sturdy or fragile the contents may be. With great structural support, a high weight capacity, and a recyclable structure, it’s not hard to see why you would want to go in this direction.

There are many new and used wooden crates out there and spaces such as Container Exchanger are a great way for you to see listings or put up your own ads to describe the kinds of crates you need!