Green and Economical Inventory Control – Wire & Wire Mesh Containers

Wire containers and wire mesh containers are very durable and provide the user with the ability for quick content visibility of the wire container, along with easy identification for inventory control. The wire mesh containers also have the added benefit of being stackable and collapsible while promoting material flow and more efficient stock control.
Perhaps more importantly, as companies across North America are becoming more cognizant of the importance of conservation, wire containers and wire mesh containers are sturdy and durable products which offer the opportunity to be reused many times.  At the end of its useful life, it can also be recycled.  This type of returnable packaging has aided companies, particularly in the United States to act as leaders in environmental protection and energy conservation.Collapsible Wire Basket
Wire mesh containers are very popular and widely used throughout many industries for bulk material handling. Combining the dual ability of being light but strong – they have lots of muscle with a low weight-to-load ratio, and can easily be stacked 3-4 high providing a high amount of visibility while conserving space and making it easy to see inventory.
Mattel Toys is a United States company which switched to wire mesh containers within its plant in Murray, Kentucky. Producing all types of toys, Mattel’s previous usage of plastic bins or corrugated boxes was made obsolete by the switch to the wire containers. The zinc-plated wire container that Mattel switched to will not rust and wire containers have the added benefit if being able to be fitted with casters allowing them to be towed several at a time.
If you’re interested in purchasing wire mesh containers, can be a good source for both new and used wire containers. Most of the wire containers offered by Container Exchanger are steel, but some come as galvanized or zinc-plated as well. Be sure to read the listings thoroughly to determine the exact style of wire container you are purchasing.
There are two types of wire containers available, the collapsible wire container and the rigid wire containers. Collapsible wire containers are typically lighter than rigid, with a weight capacity of 1,500 to 4,000 lbs.
Rigid wire containers are able to withstand a great deal of abuse and thus are more durable. Their square tube construction on the corner posts allow for easy stacking of the wire container and Container Exchanger has a very nice inventory of these type containers at great value pricing.
Learn how the use of used wire containers and used wire mesh containers can add to your bottom line.