Discover the Difference Made with Bulk Size Insulated Containers

Large bulk size insulated containers constructed from food grade plastics and materials are ideal for storing, shipping and displaying fish and other food items that must be kept cold. Bulk can help restaurants, shipping companies and food markets store their food at safe temperatures for a wide variety of industry applications.
Restaurants are required to keep fish and other perishable foods at safe temperatures that prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria. While walk-in freezers and other industry refrigeration methods can be used for cold storage, insulated bulk food grade containers can help keep food at the ideal temperature even when food is out on the counter during preparation. Insulated containers are ideal for sushi preparation or any other restaurant situation where raw foods must be kept at a low temperature right up to the moment they are served.
Shipping companies utilize food grade containers when transporting highly perishable foods such as fresh seafood and dairy products. Insulated containers are perfect for dry ice storage, and can help keep foods cold even when outside temperatures soar. Shipping companies are often required to store and move perishable goods in various and sometimes unpredictable environments and food grade containers allow them to exercise more control over their storage situations.
In markets that sell fresh meat, seafood and other perishable items, insulated containers allow them to display their products in an appealing way, keeping the food at a safe low temperature while allowing customers to shop in the comfortable warmth of a heated market. Storage containers the keep displayed food cold help shop owners arrange food for more appealing displays, while preventing the growth of harmful bacteria that thrive in warmer temperatures. Insulated containers can even help preserve food in outdoor and open air markets where temperatures and conditions can change unexpectedly.