Considerations When Choosing the Right Laundry Cart for Your Business


It may not seem to be the most pressing issue in this tough economic climate, but making the right decision on what containers will serve your business best can have both financial and practical implications that can affect your bottom line and productivity. Choosing the right laundry carts for your business may be a good example.

There are a variety of different laundry carts on the market, both new and used, and the characteristics of these carts hold different advantages and disadvantages for your business.


New Laundry Carts or Used?

Recycling is not just a buzzword these days, but has become a real issue for clients and for the entire planet. There are a variety of reasons why you would want to choose either new or used carts.

New laundry carts may be the right choice for your company if you require your laundry carts to meet certain standards or requirements. Hospitals, for example, have strict requirements for all medical equipment, and there is also the issue of contamination to consider when dealing with patients. Purchasing new carts may be more expensive but they offer the advantage of knowing what they have been used for in the past.

 On the other hand, if your laundry cart requirements do not include strict standards of compliance or if issues with regards to the appearance of your carts are not consequential, then buying used laundry carts may offer a distinct cost saving for your company. 

Buying and using recycled or previously owned containers can also be an advantage for your company in terms of supporting the environment and the earth’s resources. “Green” companies are seeing a distinct advantage in terms of client support and marketing and the power of your customers and perception about your company should not be underestimated.


Canvas or plastic?

Laundry carts come in a variety of materials, from canvas to plastic. The canvas on the laundry carts can often be removed and cleaned, which can be a distinct advantage depending on your usage of the carts. Plastic can also be cleaned to a certain extent and may have a longer lifespan. Canvas is slightly harder to use for branding purposes than plastic.


Open or Closed Laundry Carts

Once again, the choice between open and closed laundry carts depends on your particular needs. The advantage of an open laundry cart system is that the laundry cart can be accessed from all sides of the cart, which makes loading and unloading a lot easier. The disadvantage to open laundry carts is that the contents of the cart will be on display. This could be an issue when clients or customers are able to view the contents of the cart. 

 The contents of an open laundry cart are also exposed to contamination and to the environment. It is therefore a good idea to think about where the laundry cart will be going in order to assess whether the contents of the cart can be affected by dirt, dust, or other contaminants in the environment.

Closed laundry carts offer the advantage of keeping the contents safe from dirt in the environment, and they may look neater. The disadvantage of closed carts is that loading and unloading may be more difficult, and that the task of loading and unloading may be limited to one or two sides of the containers.


Casters or Stationary?

Another option you are often given in terms of selecting the right laundry cart for your business is the choice between stationary carts or carts that come with casters. If your laundry carts are going to be used in a single location, without requiring much movement, then a stationary cart would be the right choice for your business.

Carts with casters make the job of transporting the contents from one location to another far simpler and, for the most part, laundry containers with casters are the more popular choice. Most laundry carts with casters also have a locking facility to keep the cart stationary as needed. 

A little organization can save you money and time. When choosing your next laundry carts, speak to your employees. Find out what type of cart and what attributes will suit them best. Investigate the market for both new and used laundry carts to evaluate your options before purchasing. The investment you make will most likely be used for a few years, so take the time to choose wisely and consider all of your options.