Commercial Laundry Carts

Laundry carts are the must-have essentials that the hospitality industry cannot do without. These carts are designed to be durable and hold large volumes of linens. They also come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, colors and casters. The large laundry carts with a six bushel capacity are ideal for extra-large capacity needs. Many of them are available with air cushion bumpers to protect equipment and walls and have casters that prevent thread pick up and lint.
Laundry carts come in many different styles. The front load laundry cart with double poles makes it easy to both transport laundry and hang clothes. Many of the deluxe laundry carts feature an ergonomic design that facilitates loading and unloading while minimizing bending. With a convenient bottom shelf, it’s easy to keep detergents and other cleaning materials organized.
Commercial laundry carts for the hospitality industry come with options for accessories. Suppliers sell extra casters, bumper pieces and covers. Often, the covers are made of cloth with an elastic edge to fit over the top of the cart. In addition, there are hard plastic covers with a hinge that provide easy access to different parts of a multi-sectioned cart. Bumper pieces are made of foam and fit on the corners of hospitality laundry cars to prevent marks on furniture and walls while in transport. Vinyl, plastic and metal laundry carts have many advantages. They are lightweight, tear resistant, durable, easy to clean and do not stain due to spills or moisture.
When choosing a caster, consider the purpose. Corner pattern casters are ideal for tight environments that require full control. Diamond pattern casters are good for moving the laundry cart in a straight line, such has pushing the cart down a hallway. This style features stationary casters at the mid-point of the basket and smaller swivel casters in the center of each end. It carries the load well and doesn’t drift from side to side.