Collapsible Containers – A Reusable Packaging Nirvana

Collapsible containers are known throughout the manufacturing industry as ‘smart packaging’. This type of returnable packaging comes in several styles – plastic collapsible containers and metal collapsible containers.
These collapsible containers can be used again and again and offer lots of durability, typically with the ability to handle 1,500 to 4,000 lbs. Depending upon the style and size.
Metal collapsible containers are very popular and widely used throughout many industries for bulk material handling. Combining the dual ability of being light but strong – they have lots of muscle with a low weight-to-load ratio, and can easily be stacked 3-4 high providing a high amount of visibility while conserving space and making it easy to see inventory.
Plastic collapsible containers have solid walls and the option of solid or vented bottoms to meet your particular warehouse needs. These type containers offer exceptional strength and product protection while offering supreme savings in return freight and storage costs for these collapsible containers.
Plastic collapsible containers also feature fork access on two or four sides depending upon style which allows more efficient loading, unloading, and maneuvering in trailers and storage areas of manufacturing environments. The sides of the box have the ability to be released and collapsed into a stackable and compact unit. When the walls are locked up into place, they have the ability to be stacked on top of each other, typically up to six high while protecting your product.
Plastic collapsible containers also come have the option of coming in Heavy-Duty Style boxes and Extended Length collapsible containers. Such plastic collapsible containers typically range in size from 30×32 in length x width to 70 x 48, with height variations of 25 to 50 inches.
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