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Pallet ContainerA pallet container is a plastic heavy-duty storage container. They are designed to reduce your packaging and shipping costs, as well as provide product protection. The sides of the collapsible bulk boxes can be released and collapsed into a compact and stackable unit.  With the walls up, they are collapsible, stackable, made from durable HDPE plastic, with solid walls, and drop doors for easy ergonomic access.
Pallet containers come in several sizes with standard options:

  • New or Used
  • Collapsible or Rigid
  • 1 – 4 Drop Doors are for easy loading and unloading

Because these new and used bulk containers are made of a heavy-duty plastic, some can hold over 2,000 pounds. Pallet containers are deliberately constructed to be mobile, and are easily transported around a warehouse floor through the use of forklifts and some pallet jacks
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