Warehouse Solutions: 3 Benefits of Shipping in Metal Bins

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You can never be too careful when it comes to shipping valuable or fragile items. Cardboard boxes and other disposable containers will only do so much to protect your goods on the road. Whether you’re shipping by air, land or sea, metal containers will keep your products safe during transit.

Far too many packages are damaged on the road. The U.S. loses around $1 billion in shipping damage each year. For many companies, that figure is just unacceptable. One damaged shipment can lead to a number of unintended consequences. You will have to spend a fortune sending out a replacement, your customers will lose faith in your ability to safeguard their goods and you will cause a major disruption in the supply chain.

If you are anxious to keep your products safe, metal bins have you covered. Learn more about the benefits of shipping in metal bins below.

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Metal Bins are Durable

The main benefit of using metal bins for shipping is the added durability. Metal tends to be much stronger than plastic and other materials. Metal bins come with thick, reinforced walls that will protect your goods at every turn. You and your customers can sit back and relax knowing that everything will arrive at its destination intact.

Metal bins are considered virtually indestructible on the road, and it is highly unlikely that something will be able to puncture the side of the container. For example, the automotive industry ships heavy, bulky products. Bins made of weaker materials may be at risk for serious damage with such heavy payloads. When shipping heavy products, like automotive parts, it’s best to have equally durable containers. Further, the metal walls will safeguard products from debris, dust and excess moisture.

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Metal bins tend to be much heavier than other types of containers, which might end up costing you more in shipping. However, the extra weight will keep your packages in one place during transit. You won’t have to worry as much about your bins sliding around or shifting while on the road. They will stay relatively bolted to the floor for less turbulence and quality assurance.

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Metal Bins are Versatile

Warehouses should use metal bins because their versatility benefits multiple industries. Whether you’re looking for strong containers to hold heavy items, lockable containers to protect items or easily transportable containers to quickly move items, metal bins are the way to go.

No matter your specific needs, metal bins come in different sizes and styles to help in all facets of your business. Some metal bins have drop doors while others are collapsible, stackable or rigid.

Let’s take a deeper look into the agriculture and steel markets to further explore metal bins’ versatility.

  • Metal Bins in the Agriculture Industry

Looking at the agriculture industry, metal bins are superior for protection against dirt and other contaminants. This protection is extremely important when shipping items involved in the food production process. Because metal bins are so good at protecting products, you can use them for long-term storage or long-distance shipping.

Metal bins not only protect against dirt, but they’re also easy to clean. Depending on the nature of your operations, you don’t have to buy separate containers for all your agricultural supplies and materials. Further, since you can easily clean your metal bins, you can switch or re-purpose these containers easily and quickly.

  • Metal Bins for Steel Manufacturing

Metal bins are built to withstand large amounts of weight. Chances are, if you’re in the steel industry, you’re going to have to store and move heavy steel parts. Bins made of weaker materials may be at risk for serious damage when carrying heavy payloads. When shipping heavy products, it’s best to have equally durable containers. Metal bins are essential for many types of manufacturers, and when it comes to steel, they help maintain the integrity of raw materials that could be harmed by dirt and moisture.

Metal bins aren’t only great for cleanliness and durability, but they’re also great for security. Metal bins are easier to lock than other containers. When transporting and storing the high-value parts and materials associated with steel manufacturing, metal bins are an easy choice.

Metal Bins are Collapsible

If your company needs to make several deliveries throughout the day, metal bins won’t take up too much space in the back of a vehicle. Certain types of bins are collapsible, so the driver can quickly fold them and create extra space when they are not in use. Further, drivers will have more room to see what they are doing without getting bogged down by a bunch of empty containers.

Also, the customer won’t have to worry about breaking down and recycling cardboard boxes. The driver will just empty the contents of the bin and be on their way.

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Collapsible solid wall metal bins come in handy on the loading dock, too. Your workers won’t have to worry about building up and breaking down boxes as they fulfill orders throughout the day. The loading dock will be free and clear of debris caused by containers made of other materials like wood and cardboard. Just keep a stack of folded containers near the loading dock and your employees can quickly build new containers as they go about their duties.

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Metal Bins are Reusable and Recyclable

To counter the added cost of metal bins, you can use these containers over and over again rather than continually buying bins of weaker materials. Just rinse them out and you can put the bins right back in the supply chain. You won’t have to worry about ordering new shipping materials as time goes on as long as you properly maintain your bins. Keep them inside to avoid oxidation and rust.

Metal bins are designed to last the test of time and are a great investment for your business. You don’t have to worry about metal bins falling apart after just a few trips. If you are finished with your bins, you can always recycle them into other metal products or sell them for some extra cash. Metal is always considered a valuable commodity.

You can use metal bins to ship a wide range of goods, including rare and valuable products, electronics and industrial equipment. It’s usually better to err on the side of caution when shipping long distances, so protect your cargo and switch to metal bins today.