Benefits of Utilizing Used AkroBins


When searching for reusable, industrial containers, you’ll notice that many sellers offer both new and used versions. In most cases, it’s a good idea to look at both options to ensure that you get the best possible solution for your budget and needs. Used AkroBins are some of our most popular products because they’re well-known for maintaining their quality over time. The downside is that companies love them so much that they often don’t want to sell them! Still, you can usually find gently used AkroBins for sale through Container Exchanger.

What Are AkroBins?

AkroBins are industry-leading hanging and stacking plastic storage bins produced by the corporation Akro-Mils. They’re produced in Akron, Ohio, which is the Rubber Capital of the World and home to many leading polymer research groups. Made of a heavy-duty, industrial-grade polymer, they won’t crack or break under normal loads. They’re also corrosion-proof and won’t be compromised when exposed to acids and alkalis.

One of the most popular reasons why warehouses and fulfillment centers prefer AkroBins is because they’re customizable. They offer a simple, flexible way to organize and color-code inventory, and are versatile enough to sit on shelving or hang from racks, panels, rails, and carts. They can be customized with lids and labels to create an extremely well-organized storage environment, and are recommended for various Kanban systems and 5S lean systems.

Because they offer so many unique options for customization, AkroBins are used in tons of different industries, including medical, retail and industrial. They come in more than a dozen unique styles, from small stacking bins to styles that measure several feet wide. They also come in jumbo options for larger jobs. The different sizes mean these bins can accommodate a range of different weights and quantities.

Buying Used Versus New AkroBins

Of course, one of the primary benefits of buying used containers is that they’re more likely to suit challenging budgets. For some manufacturers (Akro-Mils included), buying used is a safe bet. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of buying used ones.


  • Cost—Perhaps the No. 1 benefit of buying used bins of any sort is that they’re less costly upfront. In some cases, you can get used stacking storage bins for as little as half the price of buying brand new. Thankfully, retailers like Container Exchanger make it extremely easy to buy used plastic containers that suit your exact needs so that you can get a nice price break without compromising your needs.
  • Quality—Compared with other industrial storage container brands, Akro-Mils is well-known for producing quality products. AkroBins are guaranteed to stay in grade-A shape under normal load conditions, so you know that you’ll get a good quality product even if you buy a group of bins that’s several years old.
  • Versatility—Unlike other manufacturers, Akro-Mils doesn’t offer an endless number of sizes and styles of their stacking bins. Just 17 standard sizes are currently available. That means that each one has to be extra-versatile. Even though the previous user might have used AkroBins for organizing goods in louvered racks, you can repurpose them to work in your steel shelving, cabinets or rail racks with the right units.

A Few Downsides to Consider

Now that you know that these bins are some of the safest industrial containers to buy used, let’s consider some of the downsides of buying them second-hand. Like with any product, buying used means you give up some customization power. However, it’s important to note that many popular customization options—length dividers, cardstock holder lids and rails—can be purchased separately from Akro-Mils. So, you can still customize used AkroBins relatively easily.


Another important factor to note when buying any kind of used container is quantity and variety. One of the greatest benefits of AkroBins is that they’re great for color-coding storage and manufacturing. However, when you buy them second-hand, you aren’t able to customize how many or which colors you need. If you’re in need of several different sizes, colors and styles, we’d definitely recommend purchasing at least part of your desired AkroBins used and supplementing missing pieces with new units.