Bakery Trays: A Bake Shop Essential

bread in bakery tray

Every bakery needs – you guessed it – bakery trays. These lightweight, durable plastic trays are perfect for transporting and storing food items, including those that are fresh from the oven like muffins, cookies and other bakery essentials. They help you keep your food products organized without taking up too much space in your bake shop. Learn more about the benefits of bakery trays and why they’re so essential to your business.

Bakery Tray Basics

Bakery trays are usually made of HDPE plastic, which is safe to use around food products, as outlined by the FDA’s guidelines for Food Contact Substances. The trays usually feature a shallow bottom where the food is stored with raised edges that make them easy to carry. They’re typically used to transport food items from one location to another, either within the food manufacturing facility or from the bake shop to the customer. They’re also used to store food items, keeping the food safe for hours or even days.

Benefits of Using Bakery Trays

Totally Stackable

One significant advantage of the bakery trays’ design is that they are completely stackable. They come with nested grooves that easily slide into each other so that you can stack your trays on top of one another to make more room in your bake shop. This really comes in handy if you need to store thousands of food products in your facility. This keeps your bake shop organized so that you’re not letting precious space go to waste. You can keep track of all your food items without having to invest in additional storage space.

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Perforated for Lightweight Storage

Plastic bakery trays are also perforated so that they’re lighter than your average metal baking tray. You can pick one up, even if it’s full of baked goods, without exerting a lot of energy. Using lightweight trays also means your food items will be easier to manage. Bulky, heavy trays can cause accidents in the workplace as your staff members race around the kitchen.

If you’re catering a special event, you and your team can quickly carry everything to the destination without wearing yourselves out. The more energy you have to attend to your guests, the happier they’ll be. Cleaning up is also a cinch when you can quickly stack your trays and carry them back to the catering van.

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Keep Your Food Products the Right Temperature

The perforations also allow for more airflow so that your baked goods will cool down as quickly as possible. You don’t have to worry about your food products getting too hot while they’re on the tray. They’ll be ready to eat before you know it. This also helps you keep your food products a consistent temperature. The air won’t get trapped inside your nested trays so that some items won’t be hotter than others.

Easy Access

When you use bakery trays, you don’t have to worry about losing access to the food products inside. Every tray comes with an opening, so you can quickly reach for the items you need without having to unstack all your trays individually. If a customer wants an item quickly, you can get them what they need without having to rearrange your entire bake shop.

Easy to Clean

When you’re handling food, it’s important to keep your storage and transportation materials squeaky clean to prevent contamination. Unlike large metal trays that can be difficult to clean, plastic bakery trays are easier to handle in the sink. You can quickly spray them down and reuse them without making a scene at the sink. This helps you save time in your bake shop as you race to complete another order.

Durable and Long-Lasting

Saving the best for last, bakery trays are durable for long-lasting storage. The plastic is thick enough to stand up to some wear and tear. You can drop them over and over again, and they’ll still be as good as new. Every tray can hold plenty of weight, so you don’t have to worry about your trays cracking or breaking apart. Your bake shop shouldn’t have to order new storage supplies every few months or years. If you invest in bread crates, you can keep using them for years to come.

When it comes to storing and transporting your baked goods, nothing beats plastic bakery trays. They’re lightweight, durable and affordable so that you can focus on what really matters: the quality of your food. Save money, time and space, and order some bakery trays today!