Advantages of Large Linen Carts

Laundry Carts, otherwise known as linen carts, are very large commercial carts that are constructed using lightweight, rigid plastic or flexible canvas and are mounted on wheels. These carts are designed to allow those in the hospitality industry such as hotels, resorts, and even medical facilities to collect and deliver linens. Linen carts are constructed so that they are approximately 5′ to 6′ feet tall and are narrow in order to accommodate being pushed down hallways. This design prevents the carts from blocking walkways and hallways while linens are being collected and distributed throughout the facility. In addition to their sturdy, space saving design, they are also equipped with a cutout at the side which allows for rapid loading and unloading of used and fresh linens.
Laundry Cart
The linen cart is one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment being used in many different industries. They are critical for those operating hotels and resorts as well as those running large commercial laundry facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and more. While the basic design is much the same for most linen carts, there are a few options available such as the addition of a removable panel that can be locked for secure storage. Having many quality linen carts in your facility will increase the efficiency and productivity of your employees and ultimately the satisfaction of your guests, adding more money to your bottom line.
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