7 Reasons IBC Containers Are Essential for Agriculture Material Handling

stacked IBCs under blue sky

You’re probably used to seeing IBC containers and totes being used to transport industrial items like gels, solvents, and lubricants, but you might be surprised to know that these containers can also be used to store and transport agricultural materials like fertilizer, fresh water, and even food.

They’re made with durable, thick plastic that keeps your goods safe from the elements. They also come with a handy spout for quickly dispensing your products into the ground or a smaller container. Learn why IBC containers are essential for agriculture material handling.

1. Larger Size

If you need to store agricultural goods in IBC containers, you’ll have plenty of room for all your materials and supplies. These containers can store hundreds of gallons of water and other liquids, helping you make the most of your storage equipment. They are nearly three times bigger than plastic drums and other plastic storage containers. Once you’ve loaded in your materials, you can quickly dispense them using the spout.

2. Versatile

IBC containers are perfect for storing and transporting a wide variety of agricultural items, such as fertilizer, pesticides, fresh water, other beverages, and even food. If you purchase an IBC tote, you’ll be able to use it for all your agricultural needs. This helps you save money over the long term. Depending on the nature of your operations, you don’t have to buy separate containers for all your agricultural supplies and materials.

plastic containers filled with chemical fertilizer

3. Easy to Move and Store

These large plastic containers are easy to move and store, regardless of where your agricultural materials need to go. Most containers are attached to a plastic pallet, so you can use a lift truck to move these items with ease. The steel gate also reinforces the container, so you can easily stack these totes on top of each other to make better use of the space.

4. Reinforced for More Peace of Mind

IBCs are more than just a plastic container. They come reinforced with a metal gate, protecting the container and your cargo from all kinds of hazards like moving equipment and falls. Even if your container takes a beating on the road, you can rest assured that your goods will arrive intact. These containers can also last the test of time, so they’re a smart investment for any agricultural business.

5. Reusable

Your IBC totes are also completely reusable, so you don’t have to keep buying new containers for all your shipments. These containers can last for years on end, which is why they’re commonly used to store water in case of an emergency. If you want to reuse your IBC totes, just make sure they’ve been properly cleaned before loading in your materials. Use a cleaning solution to disinfect the interior and watch out for dirt and debris that might’ve collected inside the container.

warehouse intermediate bulk containers

6. FDA Approved

You need to make sure all your handling supplies and equipment, including your storage containers, are FDA approved. Luckily, most IBC totes have been approved for food and beverage handling by the Food and Drug Administration.

7. Lots of Sizes to Choose From

You’re not limited to just one size or type of IBC tote. You can find dozens of sizes and styles to choose from, so you can find the right container for your business. You can find box-shaped industrial bulk containers and totes without the wire metal lining, plastic picker crates and totes for produce, and sealed containers for temperature-sensitive goods like meat and seafood. Regardless of what kinds of agricultural products you need to ship or store, you can find the right kind of bulk container for your business. Compare different sizes and styles of containers until you find the perfect fit.

IBC Containers: The Clear Choice

IBC totes are the clear choice when it comes to the agricultural industry. They’re made with heavy-duty plastic for reliable product transportation and storage. You don’t have to worry about your container leaving your materials and goods exposed. They’re also reusable and compatible with a range of materials and items, so you can simplify your operations. Discover the convenience of using IBC containers for agriculture products.