6 Storage Options to Improve Time Management in the Warehouse

Store manager with warehouseman checking goods reception

Proper time management is a must in any warehouse. With warehouse worker wages on the rise, your existing workforce needs to work smarter, not harder. Nearly every aspect of your facility can affect time management, including the location of your loading dock, how you organize your inventory and how well you maintain your facility. If you’re looking to make the most of your team, use these storage options to improve efficiency in the workplace.

Stack Racks

Stack racks create flexible storage systems. You can easily rearrange aisles and racks based on demand and the needs of your employees. If you need to make more room for products near the loading dock or the front of your facility, you can add new shelves to make room for more inventory. You can also widen individual aisles to give your employees more room to move through the space, especially if they’re using lift trucks and dollies. This will also help you improve worker safety so no one accidentally runs into each other.

Adjust your stack racks to keep your most popular products at waist height so your employees don’t have to waste time bending over or searching for a ladder when they need to retrieve certain items. Keep the heaviest items on the bottom rack to improve the structural integrity of your racks.

Bulk Storage Containers

Your team can easily sort incoming products with bulk storage containers. They can quickly move items to the right location instead of having to walk to and from the loading dock. When employees need to put items back on the shelf, they can put dissimilar items in a bulk container, move them to the right location and sort individual items without going out of their way.

Collapsible Containers

Collapsible containers simplify the order fulfillment process. Your employees won’t have to assemble packages from scratch every time an order needs to go out for delivery. These containers are easy to deploy at a moment’s notice, so your employees can stay light on their feet. You can also push containers to the side when they’re not in use, helping to alleviate clutter sitting around your facility. Your employees can move freely throughout the space without running into crates and bins.

Nesting Totes

When it comes to sorting smaller items and products, nesting totes can help you organize your inventory. From small screws to caps and accessories and even product assembly tools, your employees can quickly find what they need on the shelf without having to search through a massive bin. You can stack nesting totes on the shelf or hang them in a metal cabinet for more efficiency. Make sure your employees put items back where they belong to avoid confusion down the line. Label individual totes according to their contents to improve efficiency.

The employee of the plant carries out transportation of the goods

Wheeled Containers

Forklifts and dollies may do your team more harm than good in the workplace. Instead of using a forklift, have your team use wheeled containers to cart products through your facility. All they have to do is grab a container and push, instead of having to drive a forklift up and down your facility. This equipment can also be expensive to maintain. You may have to stop and repair your lift trucks from time to time, halting production. Forklifts can also lead to injury and unsafe working conditions. Everyone knows how to push a cart, so this is a great way to simplify your operations.

T Shirts in Wire Baskets at Warehouse Shelf

Wire Baskets

Wire baskets make it easy to ship and store products. When it comes to retrieving items from the shelf, wire storage baskets help your team see through the container so they know exactly what’s inside. They don’t have to look at the SKU number on the shelf or double-check the sign. They can visually identify the product they need and be on their way as quickly as possible.

The same is true when employees need to put products back on the shelf. Your employees can quickly toss items in the bin once they see what’s inside. This keeps your inventory visible while reducing confusion in the warehouse.

Use these containers to maximize efficiency in your warehouse. Your employees can make the most of their time without overthinking routine tasks on the floor. Find the right containers for your business and adjust your operations accordingly.