6 Reasons Why You Should Use Plastic Pallets for Air Freight

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Air freight has been on the rise for several years now as companies look for faster shipping options. As the e-commerce industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, some companies are looking to move their products across long distances—including overseas—in a matter of hours, instead of waiting for large ocean freighters to reach distant continents, which can take several weeks or more. But air freight comes with strict weight limitations and high fees, considering all the fuel required to move these packages through the air. 

If you’re thinking about using air freight for shipping, you’ll likely need to use plastic pallets. Plastic pallets may be required in order to ship your products through the air. Learn more about why plastic pallets are the preferred choice when it comes to air freight shipping. 

1. Complies with Industry Export Regulations

Unlike wood pallets, plastic pallets are ISPM-15 exempt, which means they’re made to comply with international shipping regulations. If you use a wood pallet, it will need to be inspected, stamped and approved before moving overseas. This is to prevent the spread of wood-borne insects like termites that may be hiding in these kinds of containers. With plastic pallets, you can speed up the inspection process and get your products on board as fast as possible. 

2. Made for Lightweight Shipping

Every ounce counts when you’re shipping via air freight. In addition to strict weight limitations, you’ll need to pay extra for every additional pound you add to your packages, so keeping things light will help you avoid additional fees. Plastic pallets weigh much less than wood pallets, so you don’t have to pay extra just to move your pallet halfway across the world. These pallets are also easier to move and handle, so the shipping company doesn’t have to worry about splinters and other potential workplace hazards. 

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3. Nestable to Save Space 

Plastic pallets are also nestable, which means they easily snap together and stack on top of each other. This helps you and the shipping company make the most of your storage space when these pallets aren’t in use. If you’re shipping your pallets to another country, there’s a good chance you may never see them again. When the shipping company has finished unloading your products, they can tidy up the space by stacking or racking the unused plastic pallets. Some airlines may even charge extra if you use pallets that can’t be stacked together. 

4. Room for Optional Runners

You can also add plastic runners to your plastic pallets if you need a flat, stable surface when shipping your products overseas. These lightweight accessories slide onto the bottom of your pallets, providing extra support without inflating your shipping costs. This also makes them easier to stack and rack, so you can make the most of your storage space and avoid added shipping costs. 

5. Lots of Different Sizes Available

Choosing the right-sized pallet will also help you keep your air freight shipping costs as low as possible. Putting your products on the wrong-sized pallet makes them less secure. It also means you’ll be taking up unnecessary space on the flight, which will only add to your shipping costs. But plastic pallets are available in all different sizes, so you can easily find the right pallet for your goods. 

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6. Save Money with Used Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are made with durable materials, so you can use them again and again without worrying about their structural integrity. This also means you can buy used plastic pallets if you’re looking to save as much money as possible when using air freight shipping. 

Used pallets tend to be just as reliable as new plastic pallets, helping you make the most of your shipping budget. You’re already spending extra money to move your products through the air, so you might as well reduce your bill as much as possible, especially if you may never see these pallets again. Look for reliable resellers with used plastic pallets for sale and make sure you inspect each pallet before sending it out for shipping.

Plastic Pallets for the Win

There are so many benefits to using plastic pallets for air freight. They help you ensure your products arrive at their destination intact without draining your shipping budget. Reusing plastic pallets and buying used pallets is also great for the environment. Get ready for your next shipment and invest in plastic pallets today.