5 Reasons to Use Nesting Plastic Pallets in Your Warehouse

stack of two nesting plastic pallets

Few items are more crucial to your business than the humble pallet. These items make it easy to move and ship your inventory. However, pallets come in all shapes and varieties, so you’ll need to choose the right type of pallet for your business.

Nesting pallets slide into each other, making it easy to stack them when they’re not in use. They come with rigid edges that keep your pallets secure so your team can transport them in bulk. Learn more about the benefits of nesting plastic pallets and why they’re the right choice for your business.

Efficient Use of Space

Unlike traditional pallets, nesting plastic pallets help you make the most of your warehouse space, especially if your inventory tends to fluctuate on a dime. When these pallets aren’t in use, your team can easily stack them to the side to make more room throughout your facility. Your team will have more space to fulfill orders and retrieve items from the shelf. You also won’t have to worry about your pallets sliding on top of each other or falling on top of your employees, improving the overall safety of your warehouse.

When new orders come in, your team can quickly deploy these pallets and put them back in the supply chain. Nestable plastic pallets keep your warehouse flexible while taking up as little space as possible.

Durable for All Your Storage and Shipping Needs

Like all plastic pallets, nesting plastic pallets can withstand everyday wear and tear. They’re made with durable, thick plastic that will hold up under pressure. You can use them outside without worrying about your pallets rusting or falling apart over time. Wooden pallets tend to rot or lose their structural integrity when left outdoors. They can also splinter and leave dirt and debris throughout your warehouse.

When it starts to rain or snow, your loading dock is bound to get slick. Nesting plastic pallets won’t slide on top of each other, limiting movement. Your team can move quickly without injuring themselves or damaging your inventory in the process.

warehouse full of nesting plastic pallets

Perfect for Shipping

Nesting plastic pallets are the preferred choice when it comes to shipping your products across long distances. They’re durable enough to make the long trip without rotting or breaking down along the way.

When you buy plastic nesting pallets, you also won’t have to worry about treating your shipping materials for wood-borne pests and diseases. According to ISPM 15, all wood shipping materials must be treated and approved before crossing international borders. You can speed up the transportation process and keep your inventory safe at the same time.

If your team is constantly picking up and dropping off different orders over the course of a single trip, they can use plastic nesting pallets for multiple orders so they don’t have to carry around dozens of wooden pallets that may need to be recycled along the way.

Reduce Your Freight Costs

Plastic pallets help limit your freight costs as much as possible. Freight costs are typically calculated by weight and size. Plastic nesting pallets weigh less than wooden pallets so you won’t have to spend as much on shipping.

Stacking your nesting pallets when they’re not in use can also help you reduce your freight costs. Instead of paying for each pallet individually, you can transport them in bulk so you only have to pay once.

You can even buy used plastic nesting pallets to save even more. Find a reliable plastic pallet reseller to reduce your shipping costs.

one black nesting plastic pallet


Plastic nesting pallets are also completely reusable, further limiting your storage and shipping costs. They’re designed to last the test of time so you don’t have to keep ordering new shipping materials. Once an order is complete, you can quickly reinsert your pallets into the supply chain to increase efficiency throughout your operations. Plastic pallets are easy to clean. Just hose them down with some water and disinfectant and they’ll be ready for another order.

Choosing the pallet type that best suits your needs will help you optimize your operations going forward. You can reduce your shipping and storage costs, improve the safety of your workplace and help your team work more efficiently. Take stock of your inventory and the workflow of your employees before choosing a pallet. Consider the size of your products and how they make their way through the supply chain.

Choose your pallet size with confidence and come to Container Exchanger today for all your shipping and storage container needs.