4 Ways Reusable Baskets and Totes Can Streamline Your Warehouse

Whether storage is your entire business in a nutshell or simply part of managing your merchandise, it goes without saying that warehouses and storage facilities come with their fair share of challenges. You’re naturally concerned with protecting the products and valuables stored inside. There’s also the ever present dilemma of how to make the absolute most of limited space to consider.
The fact of the matter is your choice in storage containers can make a world of difference. If you’re still relying on corrugated cardboard boxes and other disposable products meant for just one use, it’s time you went reusable. Not only are reusable options like totes, wire baskets, and crates a sustainable, environmentally sound option, but they really can make it easier to run your facility with efficiency. Here’s how.

  1. Making the Most of All Your Space

Disposable options may be familiar and convenient. However, they’re often the furthest thing from being space efficient. With a little careful planning and creative problem solving, you can maximize horizontal space fairly easily … but what about all that vertical space you’re not using because your containers simply aren’t capable of making the most of it?
Reusable totes and baskets are designed to be stacked one on top of the other. This means you can finally take your vertical storage space into consideration the next time you revamp your stockroom or storage facility. This benefit extends to your shipping vehicles as well. The less space you waste on your delivery vans, the less fuel you’ll burn, and the fewer miles your drivers will have to cover in the long term.

  1. Actually See Your Products

Not only are baskets, crates, and other semi-open containers good and strong in a way cardboard boxes just aren’t, but they provide excellent visibility as well. Since you can see through them, you can easily tell at a glance what type of product is contained in each. You can see how many you have of each item, making it easier to know when to restock.
Open reusable containers make it easier to assess the condition of items contained. You can tell at a glance if those onions have started to sprout before their time or if that last shipment of Christmas tree ornaments was damaged the last time the stockroom was rearranged. Then you can make decisions accordingly.

  1. Provide Necessary Air Circulation

Some types of merchandise can be kept in completely enclosed containers without a problem. Others require air circulation in order to remain at their best. Produce is an excellent example. Sometimes you need to be able to contain items that create vapors which need a way to vent – another great fit for totes and baskets.
Many storage facilities can be prone to leaks, moisture build-up, and mildew, which can damage the integrity of merchandise stored in disposable containers. Cardboard and other such materials swell up and bloat when exposed to water or moisture. Totes, crates, and baskets provide drainage outlets that can help limit a product’s exposure to moisture and preserve its integrity.

  1. Cut Down on Wasted Labor

Cardboard boxes and other disposable containers eventually need to be broken down and disposed of. While this doesn’t sound like something that should be taking up a lot of your employees’ time, it can do exactly that. Over time, a given stockperson or warehouse worker might spend hundreds of hours simply disposing of packaging waste that doesn’t even need to be there.
This can add up to a lot of wasted labor and manpower when you’re the head of a small business that needs each worker to be as productive as is humanly possible. Make the switch to reusable containers and put your employees to work on important, meaningful tasks. They’ll thank you for it, as will your bottom line.
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