4 Reasons the Oil Industry Should Be Using IBC Totes

white ibc tanks

In 2018, the U.S. produced 669 million metric tons of oil. We tend to associate metal drums with the oil and gas industry, but there may be a better solution when it comes to storing and distributing large quantities of oil. Today, we’ll spend some time advocating for IBC totes. These large, durable containers were designed to store and ship messy industrial products, including chemicals, solvents, and gels. Therefore, oil is a natural fit.

Take a look at some of the best reasons why IBC totes should become the new face of the oil and gas industry.

Wire Mesh for Durable Shipping

Unlike metal drums, IBC totes are encased in a series of metal bars that will keep your products safe and contained during the shipping process. These bars will help you fend off any threats in the supply chain, such as sharp objects that may puncture your containers.

IBC totes will also hold up to everyday wear and tear, including rain, snow, turbulence, and other potential hazards. You don’t have to worry about your containers falling apart during their trip.

When shipping and storing oil, the stakes couldn’t be higher. One spill or mistake and you could pollute large swaths of the local environment. Use caution and IBC totes for added protection and peace of mind.

If you store your products in metal drums, you may have to turn them on their side during the shipping process. This means there’s always a chance some of your barrels could roll away or spill open. For added safety, keep your containers upright and switch to IBC totes.

pallets of ibc totes outside warehouse

Built-in Nozzle for Fast Deployment

Anyone that’s used IBC totes will tell you how convenient the built-in tap can be. When shipping and storing liquids, including oil and gas, the nozzle makes it easy to quickly deploy your products in the field. You can attach a hose to move or use your products. Just turn the nozzle to the right or left to dispense your products and then close off the nozzle when you’ve had enough. The nozzle helps you control the amount of oil leaving the container to prevent spills. You and your customers can make better use of your products without worrying about wasting any product or damaging the environment.

Made for Large Quantities

Oil comes by the barrel, not the ounce, so it’s best to bulk containers whenever possible in the oil industry. IBC totes can store up to 330 gallons of oil in a single container, helping you make the most of every tote. You won’t have to worry about loading and unloading dozens of drums or individual containers. You can focus on moving large quantities of goods in less time. This also helps you focus on safety when handling your products. Use a forklift to safely lift the oil. Go slow and steady instead of rushing to get dozens of barrels on the truck as soon as possible.

forklift carrying ibc tote

Paired with a Pallet for Easy Handling

You don’t have to worry about pairing your containers with pallets when you use industrial IBC totes. Every container comes with a built-in pallet for efficient handling. The pallet is actually welded to the container, so you don’t have to worry about separation during transit. This makes it easy to load your products on and off the truck. Just slide a forklift into the pallet and you can safely move your products around. You are also protected from losing control of your products as well as totes falling off pallets. It’s by far the safest way to transport oil. Your carriers will thank you, as well. Instead of reaching for a pallet and centering the container on top, they can hand off your products to the customer in a matter of minutes.

The benefits of IBC totes for shipping and storage are clear. If you continue to use metal drums for oil, consider alternative options to save money, reduce inefficiency, and improve the safety of your goods. You can never be too careful when handling oil, so keep these tips in mind to improve your operations at every turn.