Commercial Laundry Carts

Laundry carts are the must-have essentials that the hospitality industry cannot do without. These carts are designed to be durable and hold large volumes of linens. They also come in a wide variety of materials, sizes, colors and casters. The large laundry carts with a six bushel cap Continue reading →

Portable Racks Replace the Traditional Pallet

Portable racks are a reusable product made from metal and are an excellent replacement from the wood pallet. The portable rack is stackable allowing the manufacturing and distribution business to maximize storage. Stack Racks are comprised of a metal pallet base and four uprights that can be removed in some cases to give the business even more storage space. The stack rack uprights can be l Continue reading →

Super Sacks are the Ideal Transportation and Storage Solution for Dry Goods

Super Sacks are the ideal transportation containers for companies that need a bulk packaging solution for their dry goods. Also known as bulk bags and FIBC bags, super sacks are made of a durable polypropylene that is flexible and reduces overall packaging costs throughout the supply chain. With lif Continue reading →

Wire Baskets Come in all Shapes and Sizes for a Variety of Applications

Wire baskets are the ideal way to store or transport both fragile and solid goods. Fabricated of strong steel, they provide protection on all sides for goods. When storing goods over a long period of time, these containers are resistant to any bumps from internal equipment. They provide a neat holding place Continue reading →

How to Save Money by Buying Used Wire Bulk Containers Online

Buying used wire containers is a great way to save money and time, as well as to be more environmentally friendly. If you're looking for an easy to clean and collapsible bulk container, consider using wire containers. Slightly different than steel sheets, wire containers are exactly how they sound - made out of a type of wire mesh. Some are created with light-duty wire for easy tra Continue reading →

Why Buying Used Gaylords Boxes is a Great Alternative to New

Gaylords boxes are the perfect solution for holding resin, scrap pieces, rags and a variety of other materials. They are made of multiple layers of cardboard, making them a sturdy solution for transporting your products. They are easily stackable, which is great Continue reading →

Slash Your Businesss Shipping Costs by Using Used Wooden Crates

Businesses that are struggling with the high costs of packing and shipping crates will be glad to know there is the option to purchase used wooden crates! Continue reading →

The Big Benefits to Buying Used Bulk Containers Instead of New

If your company is in the business of shipping merchandise, you're probably familiar with using bulk containers and the high costs associated with purchasing them. Buying new bulk containers can be very expensive, and unfortunately is not a viable option for all companies. A great alternative Continue reading →

New Collapsible Wire Baskets are a Great Solution for Saving Money

Collapsible wire baskets offer companies a great way to save money in shipping costs, in storage costs and reduces lost revenue due to damaged product. When it comes to storage, new collapsible wire baskets are one of the most versatile s Continue reading →

Pallet Containers and Warehousing – The important details you should know

Pallet containers are one of the most useful tools for warehouses and other storage areas because of their highly versatile nature. Before that can be explained, though, what is a pallet container and how does it work?

A pallet container is a heavy-duty storage container, usually (but not always) without a lid. Many Continue reading →

How to Save Money on Custom Dunnage

Custom dunnage for returnable packaging typically includes partitions, thermoformed trays, divider sheets, hanging fabric pouches, and layered pads. Whichever you choose depends entirely upon the function you need it to perform. Because custom dunnage is made specifically for you, it can help you cut costs Continue reading →

Bulk Storage Bins

Container Exchanger specializes in used metal and plastic bulk storage bins. We are experienced in selling and distributing bulk storage bins throughout the nation. We are a container supplier selling these collapsible bulk containers or rigid bul Continue reading →

Collapsible Container

Container Exchanger specializes in used metal and plastic collapsible containers. We are experienced in selling and distributing bulk collapsible bins throughout the nation. We are a container supplier selling these collapsible bulk containers or Continue reading →

10 Ways to Save Money on Carts and Racks

The use of material handling carts and racks for shipping and storing products is a convenient way to not only protect them from damage, but also to move them around safely and efficiently. In the long run, material handling carts and racks can save your organization from the unnecessary expense of having to replace Continue reading →

Plastic Gaylord Boxes

Plastic Gaylord Containers are plastic bulk containers that can hold loose product, in a manner similar to cardboard gaylord boxes. In fact, plastic gaylords are more often called pallet containers, but many people in the industry see the similarity between pallet containers and gaylord bo Continue reading →

Wire Mesh Baskets

Container Exchanger specializes in used metal wire mesh collapsible baskets. We sell collapsible wire baskets for industrial use. Many of our wire baskets are made of steel, but some can be galvanized collapsible baskets as well. Our industrial quality wire mesh containers are availabl Continue reading →

Used Plastic Pallets for Export

Container Exchanger specializes in used plastic export pallets . We are experienced in selling and distributing plastic pallets throughout the nation. We are a supplier selling these Continue reading →

Used Bulk Containers

Container Exchanger specializes in used metal and plastic bulk containers. We sell and distribute bulk bins throughout the nation. We supply collapsible bulk containers and rigid bulk con Continue reading →

Returnable Packaging – The Next Phase of Lean –

As industrial automation continues down its lean manufacturing journey, the area of packaging waste has taken center stage. The way to reduce this packaging waste is returnable packaging. The EarthWorks Group estimates that 30% of landfill waste is created by plastic and paper packaging. The use of cardboa Continue reading →

Friendly and Affordable – Making the Case for Returnable Packaging – Business Excellence

Thirty percent of landfill waste is created by plastic and paper packaging estimates The EarthWorks Group. The use of cardboard products and other one-time-use packaging products contribute significantly to this waste. David Madden, President of noted, "The initial investment in returnable pack Continue reading →

CFOs Looking for Bottom-Line Impacts Choose Returnable Packaging –

Used reusable packaging sounds strange yet it is precisely how many CFO's are improving the bottom-line. David Madden, President of, acknowledged that, "Initial investment in returnable packaging may cost more that one-time use packaging. However, savings are often quickly realized with returna Continue reading →

Choose the Right Gaylord Box for your application

This video details the features and specifications when choosing a Used Gaylord Box for your application. If you're wondering how to choose the right gaylord box for your application, view this video to get some insig Continue reading →

Customer Success Story – TRW Automotive

When a new plant manager at TRW Automotive started his job, he quickly mandated the move to returnable containers. The inspired move promised "significant cost savings going forward". As the workforce mobilized to fill their immediate need for returnable containers, they quickly discovered Container Exchan Continue reading →

Reusable Containers: Clever, Cost-Effective, Convenient

Lighting recycling specialist Lumicom, lighting maintenance company David Webster (DW) and waste management specialist Sims Group recently launched a series of pilot trials in the United Kingdom to explore ways of improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of recycling waste street lanterns. A key element of the Continue reading →