How to Use Security Carts to Transport Food & Beverages

Lockable security carts and trucks are larger, metal containers that are constructed with a Security Cartroof and floor. These completely sealed containers include a lockable panel that allows businesses to be able to secure th Continue reading →

Used Stack Racks for Automotive Tires

Businesses that specialize in selling car tires have a unique dilemma when it comes to organizing warehouse space. The tires their customers need vary greatly in size and tread patterns and in order to ensure they can meet the needs of the majority of their customers, they must maintain a large inventory. However, tires are large, heavy, bulky products that take up a lot of floor space in w Continue reading →

The Many Uses of Organizer Bins

Akro-Mils AkroBins® are a type of organizer and storeroom shelf bins that are extremely versatile and useful in many different applications. AkroBins® are extremely heavy duty and can help contain, organize, store and display a wide variety of items. Organizer bins come in many different sizes and options, with some having dividers that allow them to be used to store several different items at o Continue reading →

One Small Change Creating a Huge Impact on Packaging Waste

Global Packaging by the Numbers The waste produced by shipping containers on a global level is predicted to increase in the coming years. The amount of harm done to the Earth is extensive when you combine the waste produced by expendable packages with th Continue reading →

How Nesting Totes Can Be Used for Worm Farming

Few things are more enjoyable during the long, hazy days of summer than catching fish at the local watering hole. And anyone who knows fishing knows that the only way to catch the big fish is to use live fishing worms. For those who go fishing often, finding a reliable source of large fishing worms can be tough. And when you do find them, the cost of using live bait and quickly add up. Howe Continue reading →

The Advantages and Many Benefits of Stacking Totes

Stacking totes are for manufacturers who need to safely store and ship specialized products. These containers are distinguished by their small size and straight walls, which are ideal for housing plastic parts and tools. Of course, large stacking totes are available, too. Large companies use these for transporting partially assembled product from one area of an assembly floor to another part Continue reading →

New & Used Gaylord Boxes

Gaylord Boxes and Craton Boxes are large, heavy-duty cardboard boxes. They are an affordable, expendable solution to one-way shipments of consumable products. Gaylord boxes are also called watermelon boxes. Continue reading →

Top 4 Industries That Use Gaylord Boxes

When it comes to finding one of the most cost effective and useful containers for businesses in just about any industry, most companies will tell you that they can't live without gaylord boxes. Gaylord boxes are constructed of high grade cardboard and provide protection and containment for a number Continue reading →

The Big Benefits to Buying Used Bulk Containers Instead of New

If your company is in the business of shipping merchandise, you're probably familiar with using bulk containers and the high costs associated with purchasing them. Buying new bulk containers can be very expensive, and unfortunately is not a viable option for all companies. A great alternative Continue reading →

What Can Metal Containers Be Used For?

For companies seeking a lightweight and durable shipping solution, look no further than used metal containers. Metal containers are incredibly popular in the shipping industry because they protect materials in a wide range of temperatures and climates. Additionally, metal containers are also useful for storage Continue reading →

Discover the Many Advantages of Using a “Super Sack” Brand Bulk Bag

Individuals looking for bulk bags needn't look beyond basic designs, and those looking for used brands should look at a used "Super Sack" brand for sale. Bulk bags are also known as super large sacks, jumbo bags and big bags, and they're considered flexible intermediate bulk containers. The "Super Sack" br Continue reading →

Wire Baskets Offer Versatile Yet Strong Shipping Container Solutions

Wire Baskets are sturdy storage containers that are constructed out of heavy duty wire mesh. These containers have rigid, but open sides that offer a great deal of product protection with high visibility. They are often used by businesses as storage containers for fragile goods and work in progress while oth Continue reading →

The Benefits of Using a Stack Rack

A stack rack is a storage container that features a pallet and four vertical side posts. These posts are positioned on the corners of the pallet. Stack racks, which are sometimes referred to as stackable containers, stackers, or stackable pallets, are made of plastic, wood, or metal. The rack's pallet and posts are usually coated with a resilient powder-based paint that looks keeps its lust Continue reading →

Discover the Many Advantages of Using Plastic Pallets

Depending on the manufacturer, plastic pallets are either constructed of recycled plastic or virgin plastic. Besides the differences in materials, plastic pallets can be used for a wide variety of purposes, too. Continue reading →

Used IBC Totes for Lower Shipping and Storage Costs

Professional business executives are always seeking ways to save on storage and distribution expenses to remain competitive. The idea of recycling IBC totes has come of age as business managers embrace this proven way of managing costs associated with the storage and transport of products. IBC totes and tanks are containers designed for the purpose of storing and transporting liquids and fl Continue reading →

Shipping Goods with the Help of Used Wood Crates

Wood CratesA crate is a type of shipping container that is used to carry large and uneven shaped items from one location to another. It Continue reading →

Used Wood Pallets – Cost-effective Solutions for Bulk Shipment of Goods

When companies make a bulk shipment of goods, they must find a convenient and affordable way to ship those items from one location to another. While the actual methods used will vary based on the shipment method and what items need to be shipped, one of the most common options available involves the use of wood pallets. Typically, packages of boxes, sacks of merchandise and more will be pla Continue reading →

Wire Baskets – Metal Bulk Containers

Wire baskets can be used as storage containers for manufactured goods, or they can be used as small metal shipping containers to ship heavy product over long distances. Mesh sided baskets are truly flexible in their application, whether you’re shipping brand new castings or collect scrap materials, a wire basket is a great heavy-duty storage option. Some of the options for these container Continue reading →

What Can Aluminum Pallets Be Used For?

Selecting the correct materials for a storage or shipping container is important in preserving the items that will be placed in the containers. Container Exchanger offers a variety of high quality and durable containers that will safely and efficiently store or ship your products before arriving at market. Metal containers are necessary for certain products, such as pharmaceuticals, meat, a Continue reading →

Why Use Food Grade Totes?

Food grade totes are used in the manufacturing and transport of mass produced foods. The totes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the purpose of the industry using them. Food totes are generally stackable to make storage and shipping easier. Totes that are used for baked goods are generally Continue reading →

How to Find the Right Bulk Container for Your Merchandise?

When industries, factories, and other production units want to store their products, they opt for bulk storage solutions so that more items can be stored in the least amount of space possible. If you are looking for the perfect bulk container that will satisfy all of your particular storing specifications, then there are a number of bulk containers that can be used for vario Continue reading →

Industrial Drums – How Important Are They?

Container drums have been in use since ancient times when clay drums and oak barrels Drumswere used to store a host of items. Storage and drums go together perfectly. It's for this reason that these drums have grown in popularity and necessi Continue reading →

Discover the Difference Made with Bulk Size Insulated Containers

Large bulk size insulated containers constructed from food grade plastics and materials are ideal for storing, shipping and displaying fish and other food items that must be kept cold. Bulk can help restaurants, shipping companies and food markets store their food at safe temperatures for a wide variety of industry applications. Restaurants are required to keep fish and other perishable foods at s Continue reading →

Metal Bins – Steel Tubs

Metal storage bins utilize metal frames and solid walls to provide a lot of product protection.  These solid sided steel containers can be used as storage containers for manufactured goods or castings, or they can be used as small metal shipping containers to ship very heavy product over long distances. Steel tubs are truly flexible in their application, whether you’re shipping brand new Continue reading →

Advantages of Purchasing Used Stack Racks as Storage Solutions

Stack Racks are one of the most commonly used and flexible stacking and shelving solution available in the storage industry. They are widely utilized in warehouses, factories, shipping companies, cold storage and tire storage; etc. These racks are made of metal in a pallet style with upright poles extending from it at internals. As these racks are sturdy and durable, they can be reused time Continue reading →