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Cash for Used Wood Pallets?

Container Exchanger offers a new unique marketplace to buy and sell used wood pallets.
ATLANTA, September 17, 2012 – Container Exchanger announced today that they have added Used Wood Pallets to their online packaging marketplace. This disruptive marketplace turns the traditional pallet industry on its head and now allows a company with excess used pallets to sell them to another end user directly.
Wood is the most common pallet materials in the United States and according to a study by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and the USDA Forestry Service, 700 million pallets are manufactured and repaired each year.  Many companies and businesses end up throwing away or giving away their used pallets due to a lack of good options.  Now these companies can start saving serious money.  By using the Container Exchanger service, these companies can find large volume buyers for the excess pallets.
Container Exchanger has been providing these same services for 7 years in their returnable packaging business.  They’ve successfully facilitated thousands of transaction for metal and plastic bulk containers, Gaylord boxes, bulk bags, totes, and IBC totes.  David Madden, the founder of Container Exchanger got the idea for the company after seeing lots of very expensive and perfectly good bulk containers go unused after just a couple years of service in the automotive industry.  Madden, like many entrepreneurs knew there was a better way.  He started the Container Exchanger website, and began growing the company while simultaneously obtaining an MBA from Georgia Tech’s Scheller College of Business.
Mr. Madden states: “Wood Pallets are a natural extension of our existing product line.  Wood Pallets are much more common than many of our other offerings, which makes the industry as a whole much more competitive.  However with Container Exchanger’s international reach, solid order processing system, and strong website presence, we’re ready for the challenge of building our Wood Pallet marketplace, which has the potential to be our largest product category.”
“Adding value is critical to our success,” states Mr. Madden, “which is why we have a dedicated sales and customer service staff, and each transaction gets personal attention touch to help ensure the selling party and customer will be happy with the transaction.”  Mr. Madden also states that the sales staff can be consulted for advice on the best quality packaging items, best pricing options, and best location, given the customer’s needs and requirements.  Another area of added value is in logistics and freight setup, where the customer can achieve additional cost savings by taking advantage of Container Exchanger’s deep freight discounts.  Freight costs can be a large portion of the total sale value, which is why it’s critical to push for the best freight pricing possible.  Mr. Madden says: “We’re constantly working on getting lower freight rates, which helps our sellers sell more items and saves the customer money so they keep coming back for future purchases.”  The Wood Pallet marketplace on Container Exchanger promises to offer a win-win proposition to both buyers and sellers, which is good for the environment and good for everyone’s bottom line profitability.
About Container Exchanger has become one of the most successful used bulk container sales websites in the nation since owner David Madden founded it in 2005. is dedicated to the sale and resale of reusable packaging and containers such as Used Wood Pallets, Gaylord boxes, Collapsible Wire Baskets, Collapsible Plastic Pallet Containers, Used Wood Crates, Bulk Bags, Hand Held Totes, and IBC Totes. For more details on containers for sale please visit
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One Small Change Creating a Huge Impact on Packaging Waste

Global Packaging by the Numbers
The waste produced by shipping containers on a global level is predicted to increase in the coming years. The amount of harm done to the Earth is extensive when you combine the waste produced by expendable packages with the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released for the creation and transport of these packages. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to consider feasible, reusable options when it comes to packaging materials. Packaging should be reused whenever possible to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Additionally, sturdy alternatives to cardboard and wood such as plastic totes or metal pallets should be adopted to reduce waste and increase the life cycle of packaging material. These types of items can withstand many more uses than items made of more traditional materials. Ultimately, recycling and reusing packaging containers will reduce the amount of time and money expended on traditional, single-use materials.
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Used Wood Pallets – Cost-effective Solutions for Bulk Shipment of Goods

When companies make a bulk shipment of goods, they must find a convenient and affordable way to ship those items from one location to another. While the actual methods used will vary based on the shipment method and what items need to be shipped, one of the most common options available involves the use of wood pallets. Typically, packages of boxes, sacks of merchandise and more will be placed on wood pallets, and the merchandise may include everything from boxes of canned goods to dog food, potting soil and more. The merchandise may be wrapped in durable plastic wrapping after it has been placed on the pallets for easier transport from one location to another.
Wood PalletsWhile this is a common method used, it is not always economical or environmentally friendly. Often, these pallets are destroyed after one use, and this results in ecological and financial waste. Companies that are looking for a better way to ship their goods may consider the benefits associated with using used wood pallets. These may be used pallets that other companies are no longer using, and they may be in very good condition. They may also be refurbished pallets that have been restored to like-new condition.
There are many benefits associated with the use of used wood pallets for your company’s shipping needs. You can request a quote for these used pallets based on your specific needs for the size and number of pallets. By requesting a quote for these pallets, you will be able to learn for yourself how cost effective they are as a shipping solution. Furthermore, because these pallets are made out of wood, using refurbished or used pallets is a more environmentally friendly option to consider. Many companies today are looking for an easy way to transition to more ecologically friendly processes, and using used wood pallets for shipping is both simple and economical.

Working With Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are one of the most popular tools available for moving merchandise in bulk. Designed to work together with lifting machines, pallets are effectively a mobile floor capable of carrying and lifting quite a lot of merchandise. They’re also one of the most affordable tools for any warehouse, with an average price of well under ten dollars per pallet.


Wood pallets are very lightweight themselves, and different pallets have been designed to hold different amounts of weight. For most businesses, the amount of weight on the pallet isn’t going to be an issue; some wooden pallets can hold as much as 4000 pounds of weight without any trouble, though most versions are somewhat less. Any business needing to move more weight than that should consider an alternative storage method.


As long as reasonable precautions are followed, wooden pallets are extremely safe for both operators and merchandise. Larger boxes will be able to stay on top of the pallet with no difficulties, but smaller, lighter items could become an issue as they’re moved. This is a problem easily solved, since a simple rope (or the equivalent) will be enough to keep everything tied down and prevent accidents.


Wood pallets can be made with a variety of features that are designed to maximize their ease of use. Some pallets come with runners, and pallets can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes in order to suit each company’s needs. Before you order them, you should measure the spaces you already have and figure out what the most efficient setup would be; one large pallet can be impressive to look at, but two smaller ones might be more efficient for the amount of space you have. Be sure to select the wood pallets that actually fit your needs if you want to get the most out of them.