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Collapsible Wire Baskets, a Versatile Container for your Business Needs


Collapsible wire baskets are one of the most versatile containers that can be used in the manufacturing business. They come in many different sizes, are see-through, and are stackable, making them perfect for a wide variety of uses in a manufacturing facility.  
Collapsible wire baskets are the perfect solution for warehouse storage and organization. They allow you to save floor space by stacking products upwards, taking advantage of existing vertical space. These baskets can be labeled individually to indicate what’s inside as well as allowing for visual inspection through the wire mesh. They can be used to store and organize finished products or raw materials with ease.  
Collapsible Wire Basket
Because of the rigid, yet lightweight properties of these baskets, they can be used to transport your products from station to station around your facility during the manufacturing process, keeping vital components protected from damage or loss.  
Additionally, the rigidity and low weight of these baskets make them perfect for shipping your products to your customers. They are strong and rigid, which provides adequate protection for your products, but are lightweight, which reduces shipping charges.  
Smaller wire baskets can be used to hold various raw materials at individual workstations in order to keep everything contained and organized. Having adequate amounts of raw materials available during the day is vital to keeping production levels high.  
Container Exchanger is a leading broker for buying and selling used collapsible wire baskets. They strive to help you keep your business viable by providing opportunities to reduce the costs associated with acquiring these containers as well as provide an additional revenue stream for those who want to sell them. They work with businesses throughout North America, from Canada to Mexico and everywhere in between and can help you find the perfect wire basket solution for your business needs.

What To Do With Wire Baskets

So you have a bunch of wire baskets around your home, do you? Maybe you have purchased them, acquired them, or handcrafted them over the years, but never had use for them. Well, today I will present you with some ways that you can put those wire baskets to use. Instead of letting them collect dust and rust in your garage or closet, you can employ them around your house for various purposes, including storage, decorative, and clutter reduction. All you need is a bit of creativity and the sky is the limit.
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Why choose wire baskets? To start, wire baskets are easily crafted by hand and make for a nice DIY project. They can be any color that you want, allowing you to mix and match accordingly to complement the setting that you will place them in. They are versatile as well, and if you do not want to take the time to make them yourself, you can purchase them about $10.
Wire baskets are available in a wide selection of styles, shapes, and sizes, giving you plenty of options when you are trying to decide how to optimize your storage options. Smaller baskets work well in kitchen areas to store spices, fruits and vegetables, and even napkins. They can tastefully complement your coffee table as a magazine bin and can also function as a decorative bread holder at the dining room table when you have friends and family over. The uses for wire baskets are limitless.
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Customization and Outside the Box Ideas
Wire baskets, for most people, are items that they purchase already built and ready to go, but for the person who likes a true DIY project, you can build your own wire basket storage system to fit any need that you have. With the proper framing and wiring, you can build lightweight dressers, bookcases, and cabinets in the color and style of your choice, allowing you to achieve the aesthetic that you desire. They even work as an interesting choice of lampshade.
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If you do not feel like creating your own, there are plenty of styles and brands to choose from, including French wire baskets, Fog Linen wire mesh trays, egg and clam baskets, pool locker baskets, and hampers. French wire vegetable baskets are among the most popular basket options because of their versatility. You can hang them, set them on counters, use them outside for travel, use them as a salad spinner of all things, and also use them for straining when cooking certain meals.
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If you are feeling especially creative, there are some outside-the-box ideas as well. Some wire baskets are made from chicken wire, and if you have no need for the basket itself, you can deconstruct it and use the wire for various other purposes such as a picture frame, pest protector, glass replacement, or a window display board of sorts.
The pest protector made from a wire basket will give your garden area the security it needs and will keep critters like rabbits, mice, and squirrels out of your garden and flowers. The window display board will give you a convenient place to hang pictures and notes; the picture frame is easy to make and offers a very rustic appeal, and the glass replacement option makes for an interesting aesthetic in cabinets that no longer have their glass. It will give your cabinets a very rustic, country appearance.
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Themed Furniture and Rooms
Everyone loves themes. Choosing wire baskets in the color and style of your choice can help you keep with a certain theme in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, or office. As a lover of literature, I find myself drawn to fantasy fiction because of the allure that the tragedy and darkness holds. As such, my taste in furniture tends to drift toward darker colors like black and browns and gray tones. I am a fan of gothic architecture as well, so naturally twisting fences can have a nice aesthetic appeal.
Sticking with this theme, you could turn your tiny personal library into a literary haven that illustrates your taste. Custom wire baskets can be made to mimic wrought iron fencing while serving as bookcases and shelving. Alternatively, you can purchase wire baskets with a very rustic appearance if you are going for a country feel in your kitchen or living room areas.
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Exterior Use
Wire baskets have great exterior us, too. If you have ever been to a home improvement store, a farm, a ranch, or even a public garden, you are bound to see wire baskets displayed in various locations throughout the property. Wire baskets make for great transportation of fruits, vegetables, and gardening tools. They work well as storage options and can be hung on hooks in garages, barns, and on exterior siding.
For the true flower and plant lover, wire baskets work extremely well as planters or plant holders. You can hang them from beams or along the side of your house or business to create intricate floral patterns, increasing the overall appearance of your property. Wire basket planters will give your flowers and other plants plenty of room to flourish without being trampled on.
In addition to giving your plants and flowers the safety to grow, wire baskets can also clean up your property by giving vines a fixture to wrap around. Some plants are notorious for growing wildly and twisting out and around pathways, but wire baskets can help to alleviate this issue.
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Interior Storage and Display 
Take a look around your house. If you have items stacked and piled in the corner, or tucked away in boxes in the closet, that you would like to display, then there are many ways to do so. Pull out some of those wire baskets and get to work. As an example, let us pretend that you want to restore some order to your kitchen area. If your spices are confined to a corner of your pantry, you can do yourself a favor by hanging wire basket on the wall like a shelf and depositing your spices inside.
If you are afraid of the collective weight ripping the wire basket from the wall, then you can display the basket neatly on the counter along the wall. Having a couple wire baskets to keep track of your spices (and other cooking ingredients or utensils) will make operating in the kitchen a lot easier and will help you keep your kitchen organized.
If you are the creative type, such as a sketch artist or a painter, then you undoubtedly have quite the collection of tools. Paintbrushes, paint tubes, pencils, markers, pens, and other tools can create quite the mess if they are not relegating to a proper storage area. With wire baskets you can keep track of all of your materials while keeping them out of the way of everything else. You can mount the baskets on the wall, set them on your desk, or even set them on a display table for easy access.
In bedrooms and nurseries, wire baskets are perfect for keeping your children’s toys out of the way and can also help keep your own belongings organized as well. Nurseries and children’s rooms are notoriously messy because of the toys that are left on the floor, but wire baskets will help you keep everything in order. Additionally, they will also help you optimize storage and display space in your own room.
Wire baskets are also useful for storing even more mundane objects such as umbrellas, shoes, handbags, towels, blankets, toilet paper, and even fruit. The options are pretty much endless when it comes to deciding what you want to use your wire baskets for. All it takes is imagination and a little bit of space.
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Improved Aesthetic Appeal 
Depending on the way you decide to use your wire baskets, you can drastically improve the interior aesthetic appeal of your home or business. Taking into consideration the weight of the items that you want to display, you can hang wire baskets on the wall and use them as shelves for a variety of things, including vases, books, pictures, china, art, and much more.
So let us pretend that you want to spruce up the kitchen a bit and add a bit more color. Take some wire baskets and hang them from the wall and display your choice of flowers in a vase. Not only will you add color, but you will also improve the scent of your kitchen. You can use wire basket drawers for extra storage as well. You can organize fruit and choice vegetables like potatoes in their respective drawers, adding literal flavor to your kitchen while keeping valuable cooking ingredients in reach.
Bathroom areas have plenty of use for wire baskets as well. If you have run out of space in your cabinets, wire baskets provide easy access for your linens and towels. Even better: you can display your towels in a decorative manner, adding to the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Like the kitchen area, you can hang your wire baskets overtop the vanity, mount them on stands next to the toilet or in the corner beside the vanity, and you can also use wire baskets as shower caddies inside the tub to hold your shampoo and soap.
Wire baskets can also be strategically installed in laundry rooms during a home remodel as well and can help you organize the way you store and transfer laundry. Instead of stacking your clean clothes and linens on top of the dryer or washer, you can store them in pull out wire baskets housed under the counter. Doing so will help you reduce clutter and will make doing laundry far more efficient.
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Wire baskets also make for very useful cooking utensils. Depending on the proximity of each wire, certain wire baskets work well as salad spinners and will help you mix your greens together before you add the dressing. They are excellent pasta strainers as well and will drain the water from your meal, leaving you with a dish that is hot and ready to serve. Wire baskets are also useful as egg strainers and steamers, for deep-frying, or for crab and lobster boiling.
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The Case for Wire Baskets
Repurposing a wire basket is far from a new idea and there are many ways to do so as you can see. You can use them as shelves or storage on the floor and they can hold anything from toilet paper to flowers in a vase. While they are prime decorative additions to any house or business, their main purpose is, first and foremost, storage and clutter reduction.
In houses and businesses today, keeping your items organized and out of the way is important. At home, your kids will have plenty of toys, clothes, and shoes that they leave on the floor. At work, you might have tools or merchandise that you want to tastefully display without giving up valuable floor space. One of the biggest benefits of wire baskets in this situation is their versatility.
Wire baskets are a cost-effective storage method. You might think about investing in new cabinets, vanities, or shelving to compensate for the amount of clutter that you have around your house or business, but when you take into consideration how much money high-quality products like those cost it is often a better idea to go with something simple yet proven, which is exactly what you get with wire baskets. Wire baskets cost about $10, they are malleable to a certain degree, and they can be displayed anywhere.
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Bookcases, dressers, shelving, and kitchenware: wire baskets are perfect for many different uses. They are available at many home improvement stores, and with their cost-friendly pricing they are logical investments for anyone looking for quick storage options. Invest in wire baskets today for fun DIY ways to decrease clutter and improve the aesthetic appeal around your house or business.

Industrial Totes for Distribution

When it comes to transporting materials, finished products or other items back and forth between facilities, between work stations or between your company and your distributors, there is no better or more versatile container to address this need than industrial totes.
Industrial totes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them the perfect container solution for distributing items in a number of scenarios. These versatile containers can store smaller parts or larger, completed items until they are ready to be transported to the next stage of the manufacturing process, whether this be as a work in progress or out for distribution to customers.
Because industrial totes are stackable and can be nested together, it makes them perfect for stocking the shelves of your retail customers’ stores as well as provide a space saving storage solution for your warehouses or your distributors’ warehouses as well as the trucks hauling them to their next location. This allows you to get more product to market faster and less expensively than with other distribution containers.
If you are in the market to purchase some industrial totes for your manufacturing business or other need, Container Exchanger offers a variety of industrial totes that can be used in a variety of applications. They offer smaller sized totes that can be packed and moved by hand as well as larger industrial totes that can handle storing and transporting much larger fare. What’s more is that Container Exchanger can help companies procure these flexible and versatile totes for much less that other suppliers because they offer used containers for sale. This makes industrial totes not only the best storage and distribution containers on the market today, but also one of the most cost effective.

Used Pallet Containers Help Conserve Warehouse Storage Space

If there is anything that a business knows, it’s that it has to be versatile and flexible when it comes to meeting the needs of its customers. In order to meet this need, businesses know that they have to control costs. Part of this strategy for some businesses comes in the form of storing bulk materials in the warehouse. Different businesses have different storage and packaging needs. Some businesses need to be able to store inventory while it awaits shipment while others need to store excess raw materials that need to be accessed regularly during production. Regardless of your business’s storage needs, Container Exchanger has the container solution for you.
Pallet Container
Used plastic rigid and collapsible pallet containers make it easy to store a variety of materials in a warehouse facility. These are key containers for businesses in the farming, manufacturing and transportation industries. They make it easy to stock up on critical materials needed for production and offer a versatile way to store products until they are transported to the customer. They are lightweight, stackable, and allow businesses to manage valuable warehouse real estate while saving them a significant amount of money over buying new ones.
Container Exchanger is committed to keeping your business humming by offering the very best in used pallet containers. They understand the need for businesses to control costs while continuing the meet the needs of the customer. By using used plastic pallet containers, businesses can not only control costs but also become more environmentally friendly as the practice of using used containers keeps more plastic out of the landfills. Containers of all shapes and sizes are available throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

How to Lower Your Business's Carbon Footprint

We’ve all heard the statistics: companies are responsible for over half of the total amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted into the environment. It’s one of the main reasons that so many businesses have tried to reduce their carbon footprint and shake the reputation. If your business hasn’t taken that route just yet, there are a few things it can do to reduce its carbon footprint and become a more environmentally conscious member of the community as well as help save a few dollars in the process.
S-n Tote-2
One of the easiest and most cost effective methods of reducing your company’s carbon footprint is to purchase used containers. Buying used containers for your business has two significant benefits: economic and environmental. For those companies who rely on the use of containers for warehouse storage and organization as well as customer shipments and other uses, the cost of purchasing containers is quite high. And it’s not just about the bottom line on the invoice you get when you order.
Pallet ContainerRegardless of what container you choose, there is a lot of effort and environmental impacts that goes into producing it. Natural resources are used in the production of these containers as well as a significant amount of energy. And, of course, there is the waste by products that are produced along with the final product, some of which can be toxic to the environment. But, when you purchase used containers, all of these environmental impacts are eliminated resulting in a lower carbon footprint along with a lower cost to acquire the products you need to run your business.
Of course, purchasing used containers also has a positive economic impact as well. By buying used containers, you reduce your overall cost to acquire them, which allows you to focus more of your most valuable resource into expanding and improving your business.
Rigid Wire Basket
If you are looking for a way to control costs in your business while helping making a positive impact on the environment, start by purchasing used containers from Container Exchanger. They are the leading resource for all types of new and used containers. Whether you need Gaylord boxes, wire stacking baskets, used metal racks or other container solution, Container Exchanger has what you need. For more information regarding the used containers for sale by Container Exchanger or how buying used containers can help you control your operating costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint in the process, please visit

What is a Gaylord Container?

A Gaylord container, also known as a bulk box or a bulk bin; is a box that is designed to fit within a storage pallet. It is used to store additional items and equipment within the pallet by providing it with walls made of layers of cardboard that care strong and resistant.
Gaylord containers can be placed within pallets and stacked within one another for easy and convenient storage. Some of these boxes even have top covers to protect the items inside from damage or to ensure that the goods do not get out of the box if it is dropped by accident.


A used Gaylord container can often be just as efficient and strong in storing your merchandise as a new one because of its durable manufacturing which include multiple linings of cardboard and others substance to increase the weight resistance of the box.


Although Gaylord containers can be stacked above one another, excessive storage can cause the pile to tumble. Thus, learning about the specifications of your boxes is important before you start stacking them. A 3 or 4 walled box will usually bear nearly 1000 to 1800 lbs of weight upon it.


As these boxes allow for additional storage in pallet containers, many companies use them to store random odds and ends, raw materials, nuts and bolts, etc. there are also numerous waste disposal and recycling companies that use Gaylord containers for their products. However, when these boxes are transferring hazardous materials and waste from one location to another, extremely durable substances are used to manufacture them especially for this purpose.
However, whether you want to store a few large items or a number of small ones; the fact remains that if you are looking for conveniently added storing solutions, then buying a Gaylord container is the answer to your dilemma.

The Advantages and Many Benefits of Stacking Totes

Stacking totes are for manufacturers who need to safely store and ship specialized products. These containers are distinguished by their small size and straight walls, which are ideal for housing plastic parts and tools. Of course, large stacking totes are available, too. Large companies use these for transporting partially assembled product from one area of an assembly floor to another part for further production.

Other storage uses of stacking totes include: Storing craft and art supplies, winter clothing, gardening equipment, or car parts. In offices, stacking trays enable secretaries and accountants to keep documents and important paperwork properly organized and easily accessible.

Stacking totes also have internal dunnage and plastic dividers that keep different materials organized and safe during transport. Generally speaking, stacking trays are constructed of HDPE plastic, an incredibly durable and resilient material that allows businesses to use the totes for several years without issue. Other materials used in stacking totes are wire mesh or fiberglass mesh.

Because these totes are stacked on top of each other, they do not have lids. This lack of a lid enables manufacturers to use stackable trays to save storage space. Generally speaking, these totes are used for parts, nails, spools of wire, and other building materials

As opposed to cardboard boxes, which have a tendency of ripping, tearing, breaking, or weakening with time, polyurethane-based plastic totes retain their strength and resilience over the years, helping to save businesses considerable costs.

Additionally, stacking totes are waterproof, meaning they can be stored in damp environments or in variable climates without fear of damage. These plastic trays are also resistant to corrosive chemicals, and will not bend, rust, or decompose over time.

In terms of storage, stacking totes can be stacked on top of each other, placed on shelves, or hung from wires or rails.
Check out some of the stacking totes available at Container Exchanger here:

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