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IBC Tote Maintenance: Five Tips to Make Them Last

used white ibc containers

If IBC containers are an integral part of your business, you need to maintain them just like any other piece of equipment — especially if you’re in the business of transporting hazardous materials. The more time and energy you put into maintaining your containers, the longer they will last. Your business can save money by reusing these containers for decades to come instead of having to replace them every few years. Keep your IBCs in great shape by incorporating these maintenance tips into your business strategy. Continue reading

How International Shipping Routes Have Evolved Over Time

how international shipping routes have evolved

International shipping has become a fundamental part of the global economy, but in centuries past, moving items from one country to another was a Herculean task. From domesticated camels to sailing vessels and eventually the birth of air freight shipping, international trade routes have changed dramatically over the course of human history. Take a peek at how these routes were created and what they look like today. Continue reading

Understanding Trade Tariffs and How They Affect the U.S. Supply Chain

trade tariffs us supply chain

The U.S. supply chain is made up of thousands of interconnected components that allow goods and packages to move all over the world. This web of trucks, planes, warehouses, railways and cargo ships keeps the economy alive, allowing businesses from the U.S. to import and export goods from other countries. With a global economy, trade tariffs, or taxes imposed on goods being imported from other countries, can have a powerful effect on the U.S. supply chain. If the price to import international goods increases, shipping companies may have to adjust their shipping routes or close off access to some markets altogether. U.S.-based companies may stop doing business overseas, halting demand for international shipping services and fundamentally altering the make-up of the supply chain. Take a deep dive into how imposing trade tariffs can affect the U.S. supply chain. Continue reading

Why You Should Utilize Waterproof Storage Options

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When we think of storage, we usually mean keeping something safe for long periods at a time. But if you’re going to store something at your warehouse or facility, keeping these items in a container that’s not waterproof doesn’t make a lot of sense. Even if you plan on storing these items inside in a safe location, all kinds of unexpected situations could put these items at risk if some moisture gets into the room. Wood crates and other non-waterproof storage materials can leave your business vulnerable, especially if your customers are counting on you to keep their goods safe and dry. Find out now why every business should utilize waterproof storage containers for more peace of mind. Continue reading

The Future is Green: 13 Ways the Freight and Shipping Industry is Lowering Their Energy Use

future green shipping industry lowering energy use

We only have so many nonrenewable resources available to us, and it’s our job to make them last for as long as we can. We can do this by making the most of our renewable resources, changing our methods and using different fuels and materials. Freight and shipping make up one of the largest industries in the world and the effects of this industry are global. Even small changes can make a massive difference and help us protect and preserve the environment. Continue reading

12 Ways Automotive Makers Can Utilize Blockchain Strategies in the Warehouse

automative makers utilize blockchain strategies

If you’re not entirely familiar with blockchain, it’s best to get a leg up and gain an understanding now. Blockchain breaks down the centralized systems that we’re accustomed to, and in doing so it brings about some significant advantages. This technology relies on a peer-to-peer network to validate transactions, and each transaction is detailed, yet encrypted. This means you can go through the blockchain and witness timestamped transactions, but you can’t hack or manipulate the chain—or even an individual block. Continue reading

The Advantages and Disadvantages to Metal Packaging

Some materials are more popular than others for packaging products safely. As a business owner, you need to be able to decide what kind of packaging is best for your company. Metal is known for its durability and, as such, it’s often a great option for packaging. However, it’s not necessarily the best choice across the board. There are some drawbacks to metal packaging, so look at your options before you commit.

Continue reading

How the 2018 Tax Code Offers Big Savings to Manufacturers

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President Trump’s new tax code went into effect on January 1, which means there are a whole new set of rules for businesses. The Trump administration introduced the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act—which included major tax cuts for businesses—back in November, with the goal of bolstering the economy from the top down. The objective is to help spur job growth and reinvigorate the economy, according to the administration. As a result, manufacturers have a new set of codes to follow, with both advantages and disadvantages ahead. Continue reading

Self-Dumping Hoppers: Adding Versatility to Your Operation


As far as industrial machinery goes, there are few staples more versatile than self-dumping hoppers. These heavy-duty machines are specifically designed to handle all sorts of bulk material—from plastic pellets, wood and powders in your warehouse or manufacturing facility to animal feed and grain on the farm—and to make your material handling processes as simple as possible. Self-dumping hoppers can be used for storing, sorting, collecting, recycling and other applications, and are easy to integrate with your forklift, fork truck, Gaylord boxes and the rest of your equipment. Continue reading