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Hi, this is a video review of the fake Breitling Navitimer, the newly released new Navitimer is an update to the old normal timer that Breitling is very famous for and this new watch has some noteworthy features, it makes a lot of impression on the old car the navigation timer but it has some features on this one in particular and I want to talk about probably the first thing that will catch your eye is the red The arrow, there is a corona arrow in the middle, it is against another old old one this one is all red, another thing is probably the size of this case is 43 mm, which is worse than the smart jeweler, slightly larger and older every time, still very comfortable and the rest feels very good, this particular model is limited to 2,000 pieces worldwide, so I was lucky to get One of them, as you can see, is numbered with a keeper number and gives you a score, in this case it's 788, and the limited edition also offers a very rare and rare feature for the gown bar, which is a showcase.

Breitling Navitimer World A24322 Mens Steel

The Dial

The bag for that display case is not common in bright chains because for whatever reason they will only keep this feature in a limited number of locations and as you can see I don't speak French and I think it's like a limited edition timepiece limited edition, a thousand piece limited edition so the other thing on the dial is the racing wing logo that I want to see here which is different from the old navy timepieces because they have the logo applied very well I mean the printing and not the logo that is printed on the dial I think it looks much better than the old logo I think some people like the old style logo they say they can see more of a vintage look I don't like I don't know the Medici look is also retained on this model the race logo also adds new features I think besides the difference between the back bottom cover from the display another thing that You can, you can use the quick identification differentiation to bring the limited edition from the non-limited edition, so I would say the date, you can see the non-limited edition with numbers on the limited edition white white background color in fake watches will come with a black background under the date, which is probably the fastest way to find out when the non-limited edition, they will also show a black background on the date in addition to the date.

The Movement

We've already discussed the caseback, and then there's the movement This watch has the Bo movement, which is the movement that makes Lippman rattling, and which has been used in a few models in the fake Breitling Navitimer collection. Oh, the horn chart though, it's a terrific amazing movement so far, I've heard some complaints about the movement not being very reliable or the movement having some quality control issues, so far I haven't had any such issues, i.e. the movement means extremely accurate location, it's fantastic. I don't really see how ranting would ignore quality control fake watches, but I guess I guess every mechanical part is always at risk, but nothing so far that has happened very badly.

I should also mention that this watch still has seven rows of bracelets in each timepiece, very famous bracelet, I think it's one of the most comfortable bracelets they make and quite a great bracelet to wear, although it's very shiny, you can see it's a very shiny bracelet, all polished so when you wear it I will draw attention to it because it's very good for school, in the The other thing to mention about the course is that you use the ping on the old fake Breitling Navitimer on the hole on the side of the class and you know that the program makes it very easy to change and adjust the class and if you know that you can adjust the class in hot weather then it gets a little bit looser and And you know colder weather you can adjust it so that it can be tightened up without special tools at all, in this case the watch doesn't even have pin holes so it gives the class a very neat, smooth look but at the same time it makes it a little bit more difficult to change, I think adjusting the clasp without special tools because you can use it like just 1d and smaller things that you need to use tools from Inside the class, I'm not blocking, it's not a notice, it's not rigid. Every time I fight very very stiff world I own some other model and the other side is not stiff, that's a little bit loose probably you know it could be just this model but it's not as much as I thought if you put the watch away from water then the watch 30m is not suitable for swimming, it's not what the watch very much like it, most likely because of the way it's constructed attributed to the baffle because Water resistance is attributed to the baffle tight, the weakest point of the watch in terms of water resistance because of excessive pressure, not because I think there is no mechanism during the bezel, so the watch is not water resistant, so it is better to keep it in the water so that it can be.

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