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Today we're looking at the Rolex Datejust II, which references 16334 stainless steel and 18 carat white gold, and the classic Rolex Datejust II replica turned 70 this year, the "big brother" date is only two, only six years old, but on my wrist , it's a precocious genius. With a circumference of 6 inches and 1/3 inch 16 cm, you can see only two dates with the classic Rolex dance, but it has a little more than a broad shoulder, then the standard 36 mm Datejust to start with.

116243 Rolex Datejust Mens Automatic Champagne Diamond Dial


You will find the personality, it's very expressive, I would say it's even a little bit like the Rolex Super Case GMT Master Submariner and Diver II halo, it has that shoulder, on my wrist, you can also see it also close to the skin, although it's wide and it's expressive also relatively thin, we can easily clear the cuffs, long sleeves and tight Sleeve, this is a case with a large bevel, as you can see, any sleeve will start to run, and on this watch it is as smooth as a sports watch, skin flat, but it has many uses due to the presence and refinement of formal timepieces On it, the surface of this three-ring oyster bracelet highlights your eyes, although it is a three-chain sports style oyster, but it has alternating polished sides. But it has alternating polished brushed sides and a polished inner ring finish on the outer bracelet that is definitely upscale.

Watch Design

The lacquered white dial and faceted white gold bezel indicate that the case is a formal model in a multi-purpose date, so it has a water resistance of 100 meters to 330 feet and the durability of the movement, construction and bracelet. Buckle up a sports watch, but looks good with most replica watches A big part of the upscale formal wear is the combination of the so-called white lacquered dial, and now within the dial date there is more real estate because it is not 36 mm, you can spread the index you can spread the Cyclops with a huge bubble and date window. I am magnifying glass, on a traditional date looks crowded, on a date with only two mm proportions are better, only 41 mm, and to pay the extra real estate costs bonus can create a more refined look, in my opinion , it is actually less busy and upscale more suitable for modern formal wear Now, all elements are made with white gold high polish, just Like the white gold hands and white gold five-point Rolex Datejust II replica crown, the dial has a high gloss so it is highly reflective and can play in the light and reflect back to you, even in low light conditions, the watch has a lot of character and life , and the faceted white gold bezel even allows Rolex to reinterpret and even enlarge the Rolex dial, for those who like the brand is faceted or mean watchmaker is no stranger to.


The fluted bezel always represents a precious metal, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, in this case, it is the white Wakala soaring you look white gold solid all the way through if you want to start from scratch, because Rolex makes its own gold it blends evenly with white gold is white, through so you will not have to rhodium plated all the way through this every couple of years like you most white, even if it is The color doesn't change even if it gets scratched or the gold wears off, which goes a long way to hiding the dents and marks of the bells and whistles, and now the case itself is made by Rolex in the case of stamping rather than machining stamping is the right way to go, it only takes a few companies to make a significant upfront investment, but since Rolex controls the entire production process, you get the stamped steel and you get the steel that you're going to You get steel, what is known as 904 liters so it's hard to get higher quality steel, it basically holds a polished or brushed finish better than the traditional 316L and that gives you the advantage of holding it for a long time it looks different, it feels different, it can hold up longer because now it's the bracelet itself is the latest generation so it's made better so the end links are strong The center knot is also so strong that the famously tacky Rolex Datejust II replica rattle is admired by some people's demons and, despite the controversy, has been missed by some who would benefit from the improvements that have been made to the Rolex Oyster bracelet and the latest standard of the Rolex Datejust II clasp, which you can now see is completely machined from a solid steel billet. mechanically machined, it's strong and sturdy, evocative, multiple finish types here very upscale and comes with a nice trigger effect there Features Rolex 5 mm easy link quick adjustment, now you can see what a simple link does let me tell you, a little bit better on the camera is indeed what it allows you to have a simple link Get free tools, five millimeters Just by rotating the adjustable simple link, so if your wrist is open in hot weather and you're going to go outdoors for a ceremony, if you do choose to watch jogging or swimming, it's easy to extend the bracelet without the intervention of a jeweler, and without the intervention of a jeweler, Rolex adds more value to the basic timepiece, but in this state, the maximum value inherent value is only present inside the watch.

3136 Movement

At the time of bowing in 2009, Datejust II introduced the Rolex 3136 movement, the first major overhaul of the 3135 main Rolex internal Rolex movement since the late 1980s, which combines a power chrome blue hairspring and a new para shock Rolex counterpoint chrome blue internally crafted anti-shock system adds additional heat locating and magnetic resistance to movement, resulting in higher precision, durability and a more accurate watch. The result is greater precision, durability and endurance. This subwoofer is what you see in modern offices with high-powered computers and home entertainment systems, and the para shock protection system proves that Rolex Datejust II has strong engineering capabilities and is one of the few companies and I mean very, very few included, let's look at the businesses who just don't include in the Group making their own shock protection not included Patek Philippe not included They are just a handful of companies outside of the swatch group that have all the parts suppliers and they can actually make their own anti-shock devices to improve on the basic kief and Inca block design, and Rolex has been one of the few that has been in court for generations 3136 is indeed a subtle but significant innovation 3136 Equipped with a fully balanced bridge, the free-hanging escapement ensures precision and durability. This is the basic movement architecture you find in deep-sea inhabitants such as the Submariner, the inhabitants of the seabed and its rugged movement The watch is tough, so although this watch is somewhat formal and refined in appearance, it has a heart The crown is very strong, the movement is as robust as the case itself, and as a COSC-certified Swiss chronometer with a 50-hour power The seamless bi-directional automatic winding with Teflon-coated inverted wheels for smoothing is also very accurate. Very precise, very accurate, very tough and embodying the latest Rolex technology, this mechanical and aesthetic refinement is synonymous with the Rolex date. To date, this Rolex Datejust II replica is only available in 16334 White Roller Classified Stainless Steel and 18 Carat White Gold cans You can view high resolution images on our website and you can always email me on Tim Watches to keep yourself calm or call me anytime with any questions. I encourage you to view high resolution pictures of our replica watches, we sell the most affordable watches that you can access at

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