Replica Rolex GMT-Master II ˇ°Batmanˇ± 116710BLNR VS 126710BLNR

Welcome to, an online store that sells the best Swiss replica watches, we write this article so that our customers can easily choose the most suitable replica watch in their own home, if you are willing to We would be very grateful for buying fake watches from an online store. What I want to compare is the fake Rolex GMT Master 2 Batman reference 116710BLNR and the replica Rolex GMT Master II jubilee bad girl reference 126710BLNR. I will talk to you about the situation of the bezel dial, the movement bracelet and tell me what I think, let's dive together.

40MM Case

They both have an Oyster 40 mm Oyster steel case with a monolithic middle case and a screw-fixed case. The tightening of the crown means basically the same situation, that is, from my thumb to index finger. The two sides are 40 mm. When you put them side by side, you can't see the difference, because they are actually in the same situation. I will show you from the side. Their thickness is also the same. Believe it is about 12.5mm. If you look at them side by side, they look the same. This is because they look like they appear with the case and are actually the same, so let's move on.

Bidirectional 24H Bezel

Now look at the bezel. If you see the bezel, someone told me that it has a light blue color. I really can't see that they look exactly the same to me. I hold it right in front of you, just like As you can see from the video, blue now looks the same shade. I think some people say that Pepsi's blue shade is slightly correct, and Batman's blue is lighter than Pepsi's color. Blue, you can see it in other comparison videos, but in this comparison video from Batman to Bad Girl or Oyster to Jubilee, it has the same bezel, so the myth is gone, it is the same Bezel, it is a two-way rotatable 24-hour scale bezel. There are two colors of black and blue. As you can see, it is made of ceramic, so it will not be scratched in both directions. It can move in both directions and can actually tell I can't enter the third time zone in this video.

Rolex GMT Master II 116718LN 18K Gold 40MM Green Dial width=500

Because this article is for comparison, not for illustration, let's talk about everything else being the same. I mean, if you look at the dials, they are all large dials, and they have excellent legibility. Someone told me that I think it is an old version. The light is different a few years ago. I now Show it to you here and under ultraviolet light. They all show blue. Someone told me that I believe that if I remember correctly, the old version will emit green light, but the new version will emit blue light, so The oyster in the new version of Batman's product is that before they learned how to make light blue, now they have learned how to make light blue. It used to be green, but now they are the same. So let's move on, now the movement is actually different now, although you can't see it, but I'm showing you its movement. Oh, let me show you the movement of this oyster, you can't actually see it, but I will show you the case anyway. 3186 I'm pretty sure this is its accuracy. If you look at the Batgirl or Jubilee 126710BLNR, then its daily accuracy of plus or minus seven seconds and about 48 hours of power reserve, I will notice, well, the caliber is 3285.

Now, when I take the old fake watch back to the case to make sure they are genuine, I have already seen it. Compared to the old gmt on the left now, it actually looks much more modern, because you can't see it anyway, I'm not sure it's really a selling point, because although you can't see the movement of 3285 at any rate It has accuracy in 126710BLNR, plus today's negative two seconds and seven seconds, and its power reserve is 70 hours and 48 hours, so I don't know if these two little things are really important to you, because you do anyway. I can't see it, so I think the real problem is that m is about to arrive, but before I tell you about buying these replica watches, please visit, that's why I'm making this video instead of showing you my video And watching it is the reason to buy from other people so go to our website now.

Watch Bracelets

Look at the bracelets, as you can see here, they are obviously different on my left. I have oyster bracelets. They have been making these oyster bracelets for quite some time. As you can see here, they are three-piece links. It has an oyster, it has a foldable oyster safety lock that can be closed like this, and it has a comfort level of 5 mm, I want to show you now, if you look at Batman or Back Girl, it will become smaller One point, it also has a foldable oyster safety lock, which means it closes the top like this, if you look at them side by side, they are actually the same, and it also has a 5mm comfort extension function, which is true on replica Rolex Good results have been achieved, because in other Jubilee years, they will not do this with other Jubilee concealing the crown level, but they do not.

But this one has an oyster buckle. The oyster safety lock buckle actually gives it a 5mm comfort extension. I think this is a very good benefit, because then you know that people's hands are cold, you know it It swells and is nothing, so it makes sense to have a 5mm comfort extension, so let me show you these two uh buckles displayed side by side, you will find that they are exactly the same now, take a look, this It's two side-by-side buttons, because you obviously see that the bracelet itself is different. The left side is the oyster, on the three-piece chain link, and the right side is the Jubilee. This is a five-piece chain link. It looks almost the same now. I must sum replica GMT-Master watches for sale up, this is almost the main difference, I would say that this is a different bracelet, and the new version of the movement is also different, but apart from them, it is almost the same, almost the same, okay, now I say I try Wear it and give me my thoughts, so again, if you like this video or you think I know what I'm talking about, and you want to buy a watch from jaztime video, please click the link in the description below , We are making this video so that customers who like you can buy a video, and then at home comfortably decide whether to buy the video online at the lowest price, now my idea is okay, I like Jews, I like oysters, I like that it looks very sporty. This is just my opinion. Most people think that the Oyster bracelet looks very sporty, so this is the reason to put the Oyster on these sports replica watches.

Because of sports, they are actually sports fake watches, so in terms of anniversaries, it's completely understandable now. You know when I first talked about anniversaries, I really didn't like them very much, I thought I did something like It's a piece of clothing on a sports replica watch like a bracelet, you know, and I didn't like it very much at first, but you know more about it, I really think it's suitable because gmt is not a diving perfection cloned watches. gmt actually It's the pilot's watch replica you know, ˇ°Don't you know how to dive into the ocean? You know the watch that misunderstood them. It's not that they sit in the cockpit you know, like wearing clothes. You know what people mean, and the captain Who are they, do they usually fly airplanes? They don't wear shorts and T-shirts anymore in suits, so they will choose a fashionable watch fake, but guess it also has an Oyster safety lock on the back, which looks like this, this You can keep the sense of movement, so I'm not that Rolex replica really hit the head, they are like a dress fake watch and the sense of movement are closely combined, just like they combine the two together, I think they really Bumped on the head, it actually looked a little different.

If you look at the anniversary from a distance, it looks completely different from GMT with oysters, I mean GMT with oysters may be mistaken for submariners, but Greenwich with jubilee Standard time can't, so that's what I think. So if you like this video or want to buy this replica watch, please go to


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